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I'm trying to sort out some wedding insurance but i dont know where to start, can anyone advise me on the best places to get it from


  • We went with E&L - £49.
  • amyvairaamyvaira Posts: 276
    We went with Marks and Spencer. We went for the middle tier cover which seems plenty for what we need as we have separate marquee insurance through our marquee company.
  • liz66ukliz66uk Posts: 964
    I am not sure about the whole wedding insurance, just think it is an extra expense we could do without...

    Am I being too nieve about this?
  • I would say that you should go for insurance i know that if i have jewellery worth more than a few hundred pounds i have it insured so would definetley say that to insure my wedding which is over a thousand pounds make sense !..
  • I think m&s are really good and reasonably priced if you are going abroad for honeymoon see if you can combine the costs in travel insurance ?
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