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Any1 not spending the wedding nite away from home?

Weird one but could do with some views, H2B and i have our own home and we go on honeymoon on the Monday. Our wedding is on the sat and we have decided to treat ourselves to a room at the airport on the sunday, so is it weird that we will come home on the wedding day nite? We are both saying we'll stay as late as we can handle anyway, and that could be the same as the guests!!

Any1 else doing that so it doesn't sound so silly??


  • Z750GirlZ750Girl Posts: 2,285
    If your venue is near to your home it isnt daft to go home and be comfy for the night, get up when you want on the sunday then.

    Dont know about you but i never sleep properly unless am i in my own bed with my hubby.

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  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    Well its about 25 miles but only half an hr away bt i cant see me getting in a taxi is all!! lol
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