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What's Everyone Doing For Their Hen Night?

How is everyone this evening?

I'm just thinking about my hen night and can't really decide what to go for, so I'm after some inspiration. What are you all doing for your hen nights?

I'm not really into clubbing or anything like, and me and my maid of honour are going on a spa day just the two of us before the madness really begins. So I can't decide what to do. There's only going to be five or six of us.

So, please ladies share your plans!! xx


  • gingerkelgingerkel Posts: 765
    I have no idea as my bm is sorting it all! Even has a facebook group set up. I think we're doing a spa then out for a meal and drinks. Don't know if we're going clubbing or not as the mums will be there! Just happy that people will be there for me.

    Shouldn't it be your bm who should be sorting this rather than you though?
  • yorkie18yorkie18 Posts: 780
    I think she's going to sort it, but we've been chatting about what I want to do and I wasn't sure. Was hoping that seeing what other people are doing would give me inspiration!! xx
  • I am having a civilised Hen Party with my mum and family and we are going on the 'Bateaux London' riverboat trip along the Thames! I am so excited, it is a four course al a carte menu, a jazz band and after dinner dancing! I am so excited!!

    I am then having a wild night with friends in town.

  • florabugflorabug Posts: 128
    were sky diving!!!!!!!!!!! yikes!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm not really into clubbing and raving, and one of my bridesmaids is 16, so didn't want to have a wild night on the town.

    We are going to GO APE!

    Never done it before but should be a laugh!

  • scattykatscattykat Posts: 237
    I am having 2, one is with the girls from work where I have been told I need to wear a coconut bra (am34F so not sure if they going to fit!LOL), and one where am spending 2 days in spa hotel, with pyjama night first nite, chocolate making course during the day, chips along the beach, then 3 course meal the second night. Wanted murder mystery but couldnt find one on the night i wanted.x
  • I going to a themed murder mystery weekend. It will either be StABBA of the Rocky Horror Murder Show!

    They also do are you being severed and greased! lol
  • aminuttyaminutty Posts: 1,211
    I have just come back from mine!!!

    Spent sat afternoon on a roof top in Bath!

    We went and spent ages in the pool on top of the roof with bubbles all around us fantastic views.

    First lot of sun in days so it was lovely and hot inside and out.

    Then went down stairs and had 4 different saunas!

    The shower in the middle of the room was fantastic!

    Later in the evening(was 10.30pm! before we got out of the door) we went for an Italian, i think we got served by every single waiter.

    Then moved on to "The Blue Room" night club.

    BEWARE! though as there is a "jobs worth "in the cloak room who will make you take all your whistles and feather bowers and L plates etc off!

    Although i was allowed to keep my Tiara and my back L plate on.

    Any way had a fantasic weekend

  • pablouk1pablouk1 Posts: 268
    Hi Token_bug81,

    Please can you tell me who you murder mystery hen night is with, I am thinking of doing this myself and love Rocky Horror.


    Addie xx
  • Bistro Live Nottingham! x
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