Bio-oil for lessening my stretch marks

Anyone else out there who has those lovely baby scars which i'm proud of because they are the result of two fantastic children? BUT i am loosing weight well at the moment and WILL be a size 12 for my wedding. Im a small 16 at the moment and for the first time in 6 yrs i can fit into a size 14 pair of next jeans wohooooooooooooo. Now i am loosing weight and will be a 12 i'd like to try to lessen the appearance of my stretch marks as i have purchased a bikini hahahaha. OK its one of the ones with the short type bottoms but i fear a few stretch marks may show above the waist band. Now i did try bio oil for a wee while whilst pregnant but then stopped. Anyone had good results with it or am i wasting my money as it isn't the cheapest?

I'd appreciate any comments please as long as you dont mention ma big pant bikini bottoms LOL


  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    i used it throughout my second pregnancy and i didnt get any extra ones, however the ones from my first pregnancy are still there.

    i would say dont waste your money, but for all the pregant ladies out there...definately get it as it prevented me getting more.
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    i was lucky enough to not get any stretch marks with my 2 kids (used bio oil wile preg) i have only heard good reports about it - wy not just buy a small bottle which is about £8 and see how you get on xx
  • I have awful stretchmarks from my first pregnacny (i was hugeeeeeee!) Bio oil had really helped! plus i use it for my face/skin, it does make my skin lovely smooth and soft! it s a little expesive but it does last a long time as you only need a few drops!
  • Ok how long a trial do you think it would take? Or how long would a small bottle last?

    Appreciate your comments
  • It works best if you put it on during the weight loss/gain pregnancy but can fade stretchmarks even after. I use it on my thights and it has really helped on stretchmarks I'm had since I was 14!

    I also tried to use it on acne scars but I wouldnt reccommend it unless you have seriously dry skin. it caused me to break out. but appart from that its great
  • I have started using bio-oil and it is great. I only got a few stretch marks when i was pregnant and after using bio-oil they have almost dissapeared!

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    I used it on my stretchmarks on my thighs and bum and it was great! The redness went down quickly, I still have the silvery lines but unless you are looking for them you wouldnt notice them at all.

    I got a small bottle and it seems to be lasting for ages, literally a few drops go a long way. The trick is to just keep up the routine of putting it on morning and night.

    If you dont fancy bio oil then cocoa butter is also very good for stretch marks (I use a combination of the two)
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051

    If you go into boots to get it they do one of their own which is exactly the same. Really the same stuff in a different bottle (I used to work in a warehouse that distributed it), but is sooo much cheaper. Never actually used it myself but mum does and it has faded a lot of old scarring she has.
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    Has anyone used this for acne scars? My skin is still a little uneven from acne, and also having chicken poxs age 13! Would it work for me?
  • I have been using it for about a week and a little goes a long way. Much cheaper in costco too. I use it at night as a bit too greasy for the day. Instead for day I use either superdrug vitamin E cream (£1.99 for big pot) or palmers cocoa butter, again onlt been a tiny amount
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    I too have been losing weight and noticed stretch marks on my chest which really upset me, someone told me to use bio oil and it as helped loads.

    I also use it on my face not everyday though and its softened my skin there image

    I recommended it x
  • my sil2b is using it for acne scars. i think its doing the trick for her.

    palmers cocoa butter is what i used on the stomach gfor both pregancies it kept my skin lovely and soft. but i nearly vomit at the smell of it now lol. but i didnt get any stretch marks, but they do say you cant prevent them. hey ho.

    i'd get a small pot and see how it goes. everyones skin is different so probably best to have a go for yourself. what have you got to lose? apart for stretch marks!! xx

  • Just been into boots and superdrug and the biggest container of bio-oil is £19.95! I get exact same size from costco for £11.00!
  • Does it work on any sacrs as ihave a burnscar on my left hand that i am worred wil show up on close up pics of weding rings??
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    it worked on my strechmarks (never been pregnant just grew too quickly as a teenager, bloody growth spurt) and the burn scar on my wrist they're much less noticable, used it for two months priori to my wedding and I've still got half the bottle left. I do sometimes wonder if I could get them to fade more if I continued to use it but can't be bothered now.

    p.s. I should say my hubby wishes I would, he enjoyed giving me a massage every day

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  • Valentina-Valentina- Posts: 2

    My daughter started to use dermalmd stretch mark serum and after just one week of usage, she saw amazing results. The stretch marks were getting lighter. I highly recommend Dermalmd because it actually works. You see quick results.

  • PinguinPinguin Posts: 141

    I used bio-oil and cocoa butter while pregnant and didnt get any streach marks on those areas, using it afterwards is a bit like shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted because the damage is already done and its a moisteriser to help the skin strech not a miracle cure

    I then used it after birth on the areas I did get streach marks (the areas I couldnt reach while heavily pregnant lol) and honestly it didnt do much, they just faded naturally over time at the same rate as the hidden ones I didnt use bio-oil on... they where really angry and red at first but now nearly 10 years later you would never know unless you looked really close, I never timed it but I think they had faded quite well by the one year point

    bio-oil has quite the placebo effect because they fade naturally so make people think its working but I unfortuantly dont think anything except time helps with streach mark colouring and the depth of them is perminant (which is the worst bit)

    how long ago was your last birth and how long to the wedding, you can try bio-oil if you want to be proactive but if you still have a while they might fade naturally in that time

  • Mira3Mira3 Posts: 3

    I used dermalmd stretch mark serum in the last four weeks of my pregnancy when stretch marks showed up on the tip of my belly, and then continued post-delivery for 4-6 weeks and saw a HUGE improvement. You almost can't see them anymore! Not sure if it was the serum or just the way stretch marks work (was my first pregnancy), but I won't take any chances when I'm pregnant in the future. I'll definitely be using this stuff again!

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