Brand Gullible?

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Hoping to open a bit of a debate?...I see a lot of mention on these forums abour brands, be it wedding dreses, gifts, perfumes, cosmetics, shops etc etc.. I don't consider to myself to fall for marketing very much, I try to see through it, and I also look to make sure I don't overpay for things or get ripped off. I consider myself to have a pretty healthy disposible income, I just don't like spending too much on one thing unless I am completely convinced by it quality, longevity or uniquness..

Yes, I have certain brands that i am loyal to, but I like to think its because I have tried and tested and have been satisfied, these are probably benefit cosmetics and clinique foundation (although I would change if i found a cheaper alternative that did the same job)... but in terms of clothes, things for the house, food etc, I just don't buy it.... The way I see it is if something is a basic product, like a material or a food item, thers should be no snobbery about where it is bought or who made it into something..take cashemere for example, you can get jumpers in tesco, and probably get the same jumper in harvey nics for £500.. its cahsmere, its a jumper.. how can a lable make it worth more? Shoes are another one, I really struggle to see how a pair of shoes not dis-similar to ones you will see in Debenhams or New Look can be sold for 4 figures because of the lable, as the raw materials are the same?

What do you think? Why do you buy the brands that you do? Do you avoid "cheap" shops and only were lables? etc etc...



  • I am the same with food in that I will shop in Aldi/Lidl rather than spend silly amounts on the same products in M&S for instance. However, with clothes and shoes I do have a bit of a snobbery! This is only because I have shopped in high street stores and the quality of the products is noticable, at least to me. They dont wash properly and tend to only last a few wears. My designer counterparts last a lot longer and are noticably better in quality. The tesco jumpers you are refering to I have actually seen and I do agree with you that they are of the same quality but you have to ask how can they sell them for so cheap. Is it that we are being ripped off by designers or is it that the tesco ones (for example) are coming from exploited workers and so they can charge less for them?

    Clothing for me isnt/shouldn't be disposable but when your shopping in the likes of Primark, thats what it becomes. You spend a couple of pounds on a top, it lasts a few wears and then is disposed of. I would rather spend 10x the cost on something that will last 10x longer.


    I really struggle to see how a pair of shoes not dis-similar to ones you will see in Debenhams or New Look can be sold for 4 figures because of the lable, as the raw materials are the same?

    Its not just decause of the label. Its the things Iv said above. The quality and also the exclusivity of them. Personally, there is nothing more annoying than walking in somewhere to see 100 other women wearing "my" shoes! With designer ones this is much less likely. Also, these items if kept in good condition, become heirlooms to pass down. Mam keep an original Chanel bag and I have it now, its worth double, if not more of what she spend on it!

    As far as Im concerned I dont care if people don't spend a lot of money on their clothes so I don't see why people should care how I spend mine!

    Also, I have thrown out bag after bag bought from DP's, topshop etc... my Gucci's have seen me through years of use and are still in fashion! Money well spend I believe!

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  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    i half agree with you.

    yes you can buy cashmere from tesco which is lovely and soft BUT you could shoot peas through it. i wouldn't pay more money for shoes or clothes because of the brand, its quality i would pay for.

    i am a brand snob with two things,

    1.handbags- i LOVE mulberry!! i will buy cheap bags too for nights out as will prob only use them a few times, but mulberry bags are just beautiful and get better with age.

    2. this is very important to me-BEANS, they MUST be heinz, all other beans are pants.
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    interesting vintage, thanks fo response...

    i think the larger stores keep the prices on luxury products down because they make so much mark up elsewhere.. the issue of exploitation i feel is

    everywhere, and a whole other interesting debate...

    I just feel that for example a gucci bag. are they all handmade by expert manufacturere and finest materials.. or is it just that they are very clever with their marketing? I agree you get what you pay for, but are certain things really worth so, so much more money in terms of their actual value? Or are we just lining the pockets of the designer lables by paying over the odds for what they make?
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    ang772.. i love the beans thing! I have to agree. but that literally is TASTE hee hee.. trying to think if I have any loyalty to food brands... napolina tomatoes is probably the main one.. i love the taste of them, i do try others and buy others when Napolina aren't on offer, but they do TASTE better to me.
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    VL we did that with primark, bought t shirts, vests, socks, pants, etc to go on honeymoon with rather than wash, iron and fold ones we had already! we were busy! :P

    I'm not fussed brand wise on any clothing, I wore a pair of Tesco [£7] shoes for 5 years - they were the only shoes that I liked & that fitted me.

    I agree with the beans though, and HP sauce, and heinz Salad Cream and Ketchup and Branston lol surely that's based on flavour though?
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    bread too, don't have a particular brand i prefer but i find the more expensive brands are much softer&yummier. find cheap brands like cardboard.
  • I do that when going on holidays, the Primark run I like to call it. But I will only buy plain things in there because I always wondered who was sewing on the detailing for -50p!

    Tesco shoes actually, I did buy a pair a little while ago, just pumps for work and they are actually surprisingly good quality! Im not fussy with food actually, I prefer the cheap mayo, its more vinegary!! yum!
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    i like to try random things out, like moistuisers you see in Lidl or bodycare etc.. worth a shot I figure.. fortunatley I am not allergic to anything so i can give most things a bash. What about Socks.. how much can you justify paying on a pair of socks?
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    7 pairs for £5 max. Mrsdeecy's mother bought us each a pair a while ago when we were at her house and she paid £15 per pair WTF!
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    Interesting thread........

    I think I used to be a bit of a brand snob (food & groceries included) before children came along and now it's a case of needing to get the pennies to stretch.

    I don't have the luxury of being able to buy "disposible" cheap clothing, because of my proportions I am very limited in where I can buy ANYTHING to fit, in particular because of my inside leg measurement/ fat ass combo.

    I never thought I was gullable when it came to marketing..... HOWEVER..... I nearly found myself buying country life butter the other day! COUNTRY LIFE butter, something I'd NEVER normally look at, I'm a lurpak girl all the way....... but I have an admiration and respect for Johnny Lydon (Johnny Rotten, ex- sex pistol for those who don't know who I'm talking about) so the latest campaign must be working. As I bent down to pick up my "2 for £3" Lurpak spreadables I thought...... I wonder how much their sales (country life) have increased by! LOL

  • in terms of clothes it doesn't matter to me if it's branded or not if I like it i'll buy it!!! In some cases I know it's a matter of huge mark up as I used to work for a major cosmetics company and the mark up was unbelievable! In terms of food i do buy a lot of own brand stuff and tbh it really doesn't taste much different to me.

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    so Johnny rotten has a lot to answer for?!

    I ask the sock questions because I read somewhere else about designer socks and I though, now come on?! I'd maybe pay £5-£10 depending if they were ski socks/trouser socks etc... they just have to be very soft i am obsessed with things being soft!

    I was a Kerrygold girl for a long time cos thats what my mother bought, but now I am a floating butter buyer.
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    my step dad buys termal socks for his work(building site, site agent)£8 a pair, i find that ridiculous. i buy socks from m&s, go every year and buy 6 pairs of black and 6 pairs of white. think they are 3 for £3
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    Floating butter buyer - that's catchy!

    I'm the same with tinned tomatoes - I like Napolina. Cheaper ones just taste sour to me.

    I also like Tesco finest tinne cherry tomatoes.

    Right - I'll stop banging on about tomatoes now and make a cup of tea....

  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    Ok, i dont think it is gullibility! I agree some brands are really indistinguishable from others (such as the butter example above). But i do not see supermarkets as brands...

    1) I buy food in waitrose...because they are the only supermarket in Britain that farmers say practice fairer pricing and apply less pressure on production. Their butchery is way above the standard at Sainsburys and Tesco, and the selection of wine is superior too, with assistants who actually can advise on the wine rather than point out the special offers. Buy one get one free on veg etc is not a good thing for the producer. I also shop at farmers markets (Borough etc) and buy organic meat from my local butcher. What goes in me makes me run...I wouldnt put the cheaper petrol in my sports car, and I wont put the cheaper fuel in my body.

    2) with clothing I vary where I shop, mostly high street plus some more top end items. The basic desire for me is quality, cashmere from tesco vs cashmere from Gant is like comparing tesco value tissues with those nice ultra balm ones...they both do the job but the latter doesnt leave you red and itchy! I also like my clothes to last me a while, so my trousers and winter coats are investments (Reiss, Whistles, Tommy Hilfiger etc), whilst going out tops are less important and therefore from Oasis, Ted Baker, French Connection etc.

    3) I also see my handbags as an investment. I buy Mulberry bags for pretty much everything I need. They last forever, age well and in my line of work, showing up with a faux leather handbag to meetings etc wouldnt really look too good. I guess it all depends what situations you find yourself in, but I work with large sums of money, and you need to look the part. I guess it would be like a nail technician having chipped would just be odd.

  • Andrex toilet rolls are the thing i would never comprimise on. I have been in situations where we didn't know where the next penny was coming from but andrex was still bought.
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    bumping this up as some good points raised in the recession threat which I think might link into this.. discuss!...
  • Im with you on this one! dont get me wrong if i know something suits me ie a brand of make up or skin care I'll stick with it but wouldnt have chosen it just because of the brand.
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    particuarly on the shoe issue..most shoes I wear end up with damage to the heels from cobbles etc... and i know that designer shoes are not immune to this wear and tear either.. yes if i have £500 shoes on my feet i would probably wnat to stay inside, but just seems insane to me (p.s I have LOTS of shoes, but the most expensives ones are probably about £80 hush puppies!)
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    I'm not a brand snob particularly. But some brands are just naturally better quality than others so they would be my first point of all. I'm thinking Nike and Reebok for trainers at the moment, but there's loads I could think of....

    Sainsbury's own brand loo roll is excellent by the way - lasts for aaaages!
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    yes i do agree some brands are better quality especially if it is a specialist product, like running trainers (brooks for me), but i just feel a lot of people (not on here, everywhere), buy because of the brand and not the quality, longevity etc. i get very annoyed when I see a designer shirt made in say the Phillipines.. to be they are just better at marketing their products than say Primark who probably have shirts made in the same place. I know i had an insite once into a factory of a well well known high street pharmacy/store... they had everything made there.. lots of cosmetic brands and toiletries all made in the same place in the same machines, but with different labeling on them. and I am talking "high end" (or highly marketed) products. was a real eye opener.

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  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547

    I'm not a brand snob, but I do like designer handbags. This is purely for the reason that as a 'large lady' I can't fit in the designer clothes that I would sometimes like. They are my one weakness! People by clothes that make them feel good about themselves, whether it's because of the cut, colour or their brand. When you are larger, it's harder for you to look in the mirror and say 'I look really good'. Accesories are not weight dependant, you can be 10 stone or 20 stone, you could be having a 'fat day' (all the time for me :lolimage and they still look good.

    I was brought up to believe in quality and every year I always go and buy at least 2 'decent' winter coats. This is not dependant on where they are from or how much they cost, but that they do the job well, will last and look good at the same time.
  • Really interesting thread

    I am probably most loyal to cosmetics, like gymmonster I love Benefit and Clinique, some food I am not bothered about but I will agree that Heinz beans and ketchup are a must ha ha.

    when it comes to clothes if I like it and I think it worth it I will buy it. Couple of £3 vests from primark to wear under a top fair doos, a pair of jeans that make your bum and legs look great for £40 from Topshop a bargain in my humble opinion.

    I always try to keep in mind the mark up, H2B works in the textiles industry as a buyer (until he is made redundant in Jan image ) for both raw materials to make garments and buying whole garments already made and all I will say is that mark ups in branded jeans etc is colossal!!!
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    geordiebride... i suppose that was my initial point really, a textile is a textile so how can one cashmere jumper be 10x more expensive than another if they come from and are made in same or similar way.
  • You're spot on, especially as I know that there are factories making for one shop and making almost an identical product for another shop but the price is considerably different. Also having been to China this year and seen what you can get in the 'fake' markets there is literally no difference between them and the real I am.
  • i dont think that i'm a brand snob, until it comes to my toothpaste, my only luxury. i'll spend up to 8 pounds a tube on toothpaste, i know that might seem a lot, but i'm very consious about my teeth. Otherwise i only buy supermarkets own brands
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    to me its all about clever marketing intially. if you try and test something and like it, and it happens to be expensive or a "well known" brand, fair enough, . but I only ended up buying benefit/clinique and specific clothes items after years of buying cheaper stuff and learning what i like, not by being tempted by the brand selling an image.. my sister for example wont be seen dead in lidle or aldi, but shes only 20 and hasn't been exposed much to real life!...another example... i love soft clothes as mentioned before, so i have found that gap has lovely cotton, (as well as some rubbish stuff), but i have picked up the odd good quality thing too in primark like undies or the odd soft touch jumper. its really interestging to hear from someone with an insite into the textiles industry as i suppose it confirms my suspicions in a way ! In terms of clever marketing, i LOVE the Chanel adverts with Nicole Kidman, great, but doesnt make me want to go out and buy Chanel, just like watching the commercial as its so glam!

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  • devlinukdevlinuk Posts: 547
    I was on the verge of buying a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos for £350 when I went to Brantano's and saw a very similar pair in their sale, marked down from £80 to £20! I can't see me ever wearing white high heels again, but I got caught up in the whole 'its my wedding and I must have the best stuff' thing. I loved my bargain, and its given me more money to spend elsewhere!

    It's a really interesting thread though.

    As a whole you can see that most people think that they need to have the 'best' things for their wedding. The was another lady who posted on here the other day that was worried that she had got her wedding jewellery too cheap! I know that this topic is about branded items in general, but going off topic slightly, do you think we are (self) pressurised to have the best / branded items for our weddings?

  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    im not really devlin, i do tend to pick t out he most expensive item in the shop as someting I like! not as a rule.. thats just my luck! I dont feel i need to have branded shoes, infact i am struggling to justify spending more than £60 on them, as i know they will end up worn, as long as they dont look cheap. I got a mikey head band in the sales for £12 reduced from £50. wasnt trying, just stumbled accross it, as long as things dont look tacky i will be happy, and I dont think that means spending thousands.. people pay more, IMO because they are aspring to a dream status. which again IMO is a product of the consumerist society and buys them that status if they can say they have had say a designer wedding. I ended up getting my dress foor £750, i didnt have a budget, it was based on my taste and what suited me, I would have paid £100 or £2000 if it was the right dress, but if i paid the higher end i would have been more than happy to cut back elsewhere.

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  • Devlin most definately!

    If you let yourself get carried away with it all. It is so easy to think you must have designer shoes, chair covers etc, now if you really want that and it will make your day go for it each to their own. However sometimes it is best to prioritise your spending, we're really keen to have a good quality party with the people around us we love, so our venue is expensive and could be even more expensive if we allow ourselves to have canapes, string quartet etc etc etc, On the other hand I have bought my favours for 19p each tree decorations from B and Q, ultimate bargain!
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