Ahh finally had night out with H2B!!

Hi all, just thought id share my good mood! Last night me and H2B finally had a night out together! We have been saving for ages for the wedding and have both been quite stressed at work and trying to sort a mortgage, so we decided we needed a night out and put a little less to the wedding account this month. We went for a thai and had a lovely chat and then came home had a nice hot bath together and cuddled up on the sofa- BLISS! Tonight hes cooking but he has a couple of friends over (one being our best man) so its me him and the lads! Oh well cant have it all!


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    sounds like a bit of couple, snuggle time was just what you needed

  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    Indeed it was! Feel so much better and tomorrow my auntie is coming over for lunch to discuss the cake (she is a cake maker and doing ours for wedding) So I will be going to work with a big smile on my face on Monday after a good relaxing weekend (I hope!!)
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    oh good Deb - glad you had a good time! My mum is down from my sisters for the week so we're hopefully getting a night out on Tuesday...Yay!!
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    Sounds good SB! How are you by the way? I have been to my manager about the problem at work- not looking forward to it all coming out but cant take it anymore and im sure it cant be any worse than it is now! How SBJR's arm? miracle recovery still?!!
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    We're ok ta. SBJr's arm is still in one piece!!

    I stopped smoking AGAIN on Thursday. We're having group session thing at work and I broke last night - gutted! Worst thing is though I was out with people from work so they all know!! D'oh!

    But - I'm so bloody annoyed that I'm adamant it WILL NOT happen again!

    Also went to Pronovias in Bond St today and tried some dresses. None were the one so still looking! Standing in the dressing room with mirrors all round was certainly a shock!! Back on the diet and exercise, not even waiting until tomorrow to start image

    How's you?? Well done on taking action at work. You know it needs to be done and will be worth it in the long run. Let me know how it goes! What did your manager say?
  • Some time together is so important! The last couple of weekends I've had bridesmaids here looking for dresses and staying over - next weekend we're going to a friend's housewarming. So this weekend it's just us (though h2b is now watching science fiction, but it means i get some time to do some wedding research by myself without advice from all sides!)

    After all, it's all about being together forever, so we'd better enjoy it!
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    Ive got the day off on 8th Feb to go dress shopping, I cant say I enjoy it though! Still a bit suspicious about this whole 'the one' thing!! Sure I will get there one day! My manager at work has just said she will have a chat with each member of the team and then have a team meeting too. It just felt good getting it off my chest to be honest.
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    I believe in the one dress - its no different to finding the perfect dress for a party image

    That sounds like a good plan at work - must be a relief
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    I think I believe in it, just not sure if I will get it! (or if ive had it!) Kepp trying I suppose, good excuse for a girly day!! Will keep you up to date about work, thanks for your support.

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    No probs Debs, am always here to moan to! Email me if you'd prefer.

    I've got very down about my dress, girl in Pronovias on Bond St really got to me about "accepting my body"shape" and settle for what suits me rather than what I like" - ie You're fat so wear any old thing. Wouldn't mind but they all looked so awful!!!

    Went out with my mum and sis today and they kept going on about the dress, then picking out dresses at the show. I was in tears by the end of it and just really couldn't take even looking at a dress knowing I'll look huge in it. Have to confess, just want to cancel it all rather than spend money to look stupid and fat in a big frock and have everyone look at me thinking "bloody ell - what does she think she looks like??". Don't want to see those looks on their faces
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    Oh SB thats awful! Bloody shop assistants, who do they think they are? Dont let it get you down love, you will look amazing on your big day and everyone will be jealous! I really think some dresses are horrible maybe we should say that to the assistants!
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    actually she's done me a favour! I've been faffing about getting serious with the diet and exercise and went back on weightwatchers today (5 points spare today!) and went swimming this evening. I don't want to accept "my silhouette",I want a slinky one lol

    I did tell her some of the dresses were horrible image

    How's work??
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    The weirdest thing happened at work actually, The woman who I have been having trouble with came out and said, she feels like there is an atmosphere and she wonders if there is a problem?! Well I thought here is my chance and told her! I think she was bit shocked really but it really helped clear the air so hope everything is on the up!

    i think I need a bit of a kick up the bum with the weight thing! I just cant stop eating! I need to make some appointments for next Thurs.
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    Wow - that's great! See - always best to talk about stuff! Let's hope it stays this way.

    I've doing quite well again with the weightwatchers today - am slightly obsessed with the points image

    Maybe I just have an obsessive nature! image

    Went swimming again last night too. Off again tomorrow too. I have this determination now!!

    Have you tried writing down what you eat each day?? Its such a shock when you see it! image

    C'mon girl - you know you'll feel better once you get going and see the results.

    MrSB said he'll go halves with me on a treat (Dior make-up) - I have to lose at least 4lbs this week and not smoke, sounds so easy image
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    I lost neally 3 stone on WW before so I know all the tricks in the book and can tell you how many points in anything!! I will do it just having a hungry week! Are you going to classes or doing it at home?
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    Just doing it at home - don't like spending £5 per session to be honest! My sis is going to the group each week and getting everything we need. MrSB is also doing it as well as my sis and bil.

    Having to avoid pubs and alcohol to help with the non smoking so that should help with the weight too
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    I will do it, but did just eat a bar of whole nut! Oh thats really bad, now feel bad. Ok from tomorrow thats it I am on 18 points a day!
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    will check in to see how you do image (I LOVE WHOLE NUT!)

    I hit 19 today but only just in my limit, still have 6 points saved for the weekend!

    Off to bed now, there's choc in the cupboard and don't want to blow it on the second day image

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