excited and thankyou

Hi everyone,

Well I am coming back to the UK for dress shipping tomorrow and am SO excited! I have only got about 4 days in which to chose and order a dress along with other bits and bobs too (all wedding related!) Just want to say thanks to you all for your lovely posts and advice through crappy times. Things are so good for me right now and I could not be happier! Me and h2n have been getting on so so well and I am so glad the wedding is going ahead!

Thanks again girlies! :\) :\) :\)



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    Hi Abby I'm so glad things are going well for you and you're feeling good. And that can all be done in 4 days - I found my dress in 2 days and my bridesmaid and flower girl dresses in 2hrs! And lots of other stuff in a day too. So have a great time, good luck with it all and let us know how it goes, Claire xxx
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    its good to hear, good luck and enjoy

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    glad to hear everything is going well abby and im sure you will find your dress and other bits in those 4 days it will be fun all packed into 4 days image

    it feels like i kind of know you because i have seen you so many times on here and tried to help in any way i can to some of your posts.

    it is nice the friendships you make on here :\)
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    OMG, 2 hours! That's amazing! I know I will just want to keep looking around and trying loads on!! What sort of underwear are you supposed to wear?

    Thanks Lou, I am so excited about it all! Not looking forward to the plane and airport queueing though!! I know what you mean about making friends on here. I felt like a bit of a idiot at 1st! But I have to say this is a great site and has some really amazing members too! lol. xxx
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    Hi abby, do you mean what underwear do you wear going dress shopping or on the wedding day? If you mean when you go dress shopping then make sure you wear some nice clean matching underwear - not that grey bra that used to be white that you've had for years! It has to be underwear you feel comfortable standing around in while the shop assistants poke at you and fit you in the dresses. Also white or a light colour is best. So what shops have you made appointments for it's very exciting isn't it!
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    Yeah, I meant to wear to go shopping. I was thinking a white strappless bra with white knickers. I do also have basque type things too, or is a bra ok? lol. I have made appointments in some botiques in the Kent area. I am interested in Benjamin Roberts' and Justin Alexander dresses, and a few more designers too. So what dress have you got then and when is your wedding?x
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Hi Abby, a white strapless bra is perfect! I don't have a strapless bra and when I went shopping one of the shops actually gave me one to put on. I got my dress last week - http://www.ronaldjoyce.com/ronaldjoyce.html Go to page 5 it's the last one dress number 54047. It's lovely on I feel really nice in it. And wedding dresses are soooo flattering you'll have a fab time! Our wedding is 27th September this year I'm getting very excited now! Let us know how you get on xxx
  • wow you will have to let us know how you get on have fun shopping xx;\)
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071

    That dress is lovely, I really liked the Ronald Joyce dresses too but there wasn't a stockist near me! Mine's August 17th. WHat kind of wedding are you having xx
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    i love benjamin roberts dresses aswell, i have seen one that would just go so well with the surroundings of the castle im getting married in image im getting excited for you!! wish i was going dress shopping!
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    When is your wedding then Lou? HAve you got ur dress yet? I am getting married in a castle too. www.lympnecastle.co.uk, whats the name of the dress u like?xx
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    wedding isnt till nov 08 so ages away!! i hope to get married in www.allertoncastle.co.uk but havent put deposit down yet, the dress i like is taffeta 912 http://www.benjaminroberts.co.uk/taffeta.htm
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    That venue looks really really nice! Same with the dress too!! I didn't give the venue much thought, maybe should have spent a bit more time looking round different places. I liked the castle cos they have a church next door so having a blessing there straight after the ceremony.xx
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    sounds very nice image i cant see your link as im at work but il have a look when i get home. i havent even looked at that venue!! haha image i just love the look of it from the brochure we are gonig to view it on 18th feb but im sure it will be perfect and we will fall in love with it just got to save enough to pay the deposit image
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    Hi Abby, we are having a church wedding and for our reception we are just hiring a local hall and having a buffet - we are on a small budget! Your castle looks fantastic it will be a beautiful day xx
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    Your venue is fab abby really beautiful.

    Glad things r gud.

    Cant wait to go dress shopping but gona leave it til summer.

    Really love that taffeta bejamin roberts too lou

  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    Well, I am coming back to the UK tonight and dress shopping tomorrow- can't believe it (haven't even packet yet though and working today!)x
  • lou - 2 things:

    1. that benjamin roberts dress is amazing, really beautiful. it's the one i saw in a magazine that prompted me to check out their website. i'm planning to try on BR dresses because this one is so lovely!! (although i suspect they may be slightly out of budget - i'm looking up to £1000) i hope you love it when you try it on!

    2. i've been to a wedding at allerton castle and it was so lovely - i am sure you would have a fantastic day there, it's such a nice place, lovely atmosphere etc and great staircase to come down!! have you also looked at hazelwood castle? an old friend is getting married there in May so i've been on the website and it looks really nice too. i lived in leeds for about 5 years hence the link!

    enjoy your wedding planning!

    abby - your venue looks fabulous too - wow!!

  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Good luck with finding everything you need Abby,

    K xx
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    Hiya Abby, I was wondering where you had gone!!

    Did you have a good time with your dad and step mum?

    I'm so so happy that things are better for you, you've changed so much since your first post and you seem so much happier and self assured :\)

    You've come a long way baby ;\) lol

    Who are you taking dress shopping? Did you ask your freind to be a bidesmaid?


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  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071

    Long time, no speak. I think I have only just recovered from my Dad's trip(even thought he left a week ago!) He thinks he's on holiday so likes to drink!lol. And keeps me up until early hours of the morning!! We had a good time though and talked to step mum about wedding and shes will help me out id I need phone calls made or anything I just have to give her a 'to do' list!

    I am going with my mum tomorrow, then 2 of my bridesmaids on friday and saturday and then to a wedding fayre with mum on sunday and back here tuesday. Yes I did ask her to be BM and she was thrilled and is really excited!

    Me and John are getting on fantastically, and always seem to be laughing. Things are so much better now, I am so glad I stuck this out. Everything's normal again, only better!!

    So, what have you been doing then, anything exciting? Any plans for the weekend?

    Abby xxxx
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    thank you katiem i loved the dress as soon as i saw it and hopefully can find a stockist near me to try it on and many others of his range, it is quite a big price isnt it but i havent set a budget so you never know image

    i LOVE the staircase it is so beautiful and i can just picture myself walking down it (trying not to fall down it) with everyone looking at me image makes me smile when i think about it image
  • oh yes lou it is great for making an entrance, just v slowly so as not to trip! (good way to milk the moment though hey?!)

    the wedding i went to was an ex boyfriends sister's wedding - i hadnt been with him long so didnt know her very well (although she was v nice) and although i didnt know her and her fella very well it made me cry when she walked down those stairs - you would be guaranteed to draw a few tears i think!

    let us know how you get on with the BR dress.

    and good luck with dress shopping abby (as posted on other thread earlier today!) - we'll have to compare notes after the weekend!!

  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    Yes Katie defintely, I am more interested in BR than any others i think if you go on the website, then to organza then to page 3 its the one with 1 shoulder, I really like this one! The place I am going to on Saturday is having a BR designer day so they will have loads more dresses in than usual. xxx
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    This weekend we're not doing anything exciting I don't think :\( But next weekend we've got a huge family party and then the next day we've got a wedding fayre and an appointment at a possible venue for our reception - finally!!

    Still have to wait 'til 7th of March to see whether Lee gets in the police or not because we might be going more towards Sheffield if he does get in.

    I found the most gorgeous dress the other day by Vera Wang but it was £8k so slightly out of our budget image I can't wait to go dress shopping, alrady decided if I don't see any dresses I like I'm going to see a dressmaker and get her to replicate the Vera one for me lol. Presuming we don't win the lottery between now and then that is - if we do I'll be marching right over to London and buying it straight off the peg image

    Before I was with my h2b I never used to argue with my boyfs - I used to just leave (was a bit like Chandler in Friends image ). Now when me and the h2b have a bad patch and then we come through it I realise how strong we are and how it's worth going through that period of crapness, just to get to the good stuff. Because it does feel so so good when you've had a hard time and you come through it doesn't it? I think there's nothing sweeter than realising that you are with the right person and that you do actually, more than anything, get on really well image

    So happy that your step mum is helping you out - she'll be relishing it I'm sure (I've got a little step daughter so can imagine how proud she is!!).

    You're going to have to let me know what the Benjamin roberts dresses are like - I love his stuff, think he's fab :\)

    I'm off for me jacket potato and some Neighbours xxx
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    Enjoy your potato. I love jacket potatoes, I could live off them!

    I dont have a PC in the UK so will let you know how I get on when I get back. I really am not lookign forward to the airport and plane, they always seem to check my bags!! But a friend from here is going back on same flight so won't be too bad. (I am sure JOhn arranged it so he could stay at home and watch the arsenal game tonight!!)

    Better stop waffling now (can you tell I am bored!lol)

    Speak soon xxx
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Lol, I can't imagine having to fly as often as you do. I'm not scared of flying but it does make me a bit nervous.

    We're going abroad in Summer with the in laws to be and I'm dreading it because Phoebe will be just over one and she'll have to sit on my knee with a seatbelt round us both!! I can just imagine how much fun that'll be.

    Are you aiming to put your deposit on your dress whilst you're over here? Just thinking to myself, I thought Pronovias were Spanish and they do amazing dresses, I heard they were cheaper in Spain...? Is that right :\? I love their dresses.

  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    I'm not scared at all, just takes so much time!! And i hate ppl pushing in front of me in queues etc!! I will have to have a few glasses of wine with my friend at the airport! Should be okay then!lol

    Where are you going on holiday then?

    I am not sure about Pronovias dresses over here, but nowhere in this area would do them I don't think, would have to drive to Malaga or somewhere. Yes, well I am hoping to put a deposit down on one yes, but I don't want to rush it just because I know I have to come back, so if I'm not 100% sure I will come back again. Driving test is all booked now and not long to go!!!!

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    i know what you mean lilcorker, i have been having nice thoughts that make me think how lucky i am to have h2b and cant wait to marry him etc and i just told him this in an email (sent it at 11am) and i havent heard from him since image lol hes not so much a mushy man
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    Neither is mine Lou. I often send him love texts but get no replies! Although, on the odd occasion he will send me one out of the blue or call and say 'Love You' and hang up. Men are odd! xx
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