Hi everyone how are all of you? Im doing well the caterer just sent me a sms saying he received the proof of payment and we are booked ok only 214 days to go. I am beyond happy!! So its 33 deg C in my office that makes it 91 deg F. I am in South Africa and if any brides want to get married in SA you are making a great choice and if u need a honeymoon spot h2b and i found this amazing place in the forest close to the beach and they have a lot of international visitors.

So anybody got an idea for me on what to give h2b?;\)


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    Ok why no comments to me?!image

    Is this boring :\? or is it because im south african image
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    lol , pray please tell us, I'm Zimbawean by the way, where is this nice spot ..near Cape Town?
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    Wicked! How did u know seems like the only nice holiday places are in the Cape but go to this site and check it out and the n tell me what you think?

    There prices are very reasonable and all the extra goodies etc makes me wanna go today!

    When is you wedding?
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    7th of July 07, we wanted to go on a cruise which ends in Cape Town and then fly back home. Got family in Joburg, thought it might be a good idea!! We are so in two minds.

    The place you've attached reminds me of Nyanga back home.
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    I'm gettting married on 1 September 07 and as saie before I cant wait! The cruise sounds so romantic! If you know SA i live in Pretoria. Coming here would be nice but July is very cold. Is Zimbabwe's weather almost the same as SA's? Why not go to the Kruger National Park?! That is absolutely stunning. So what do you do for a loving and how are your wedding plans coming along?
  • i think it because we are all jealous and would love to be in your shoes rather than stuck in cold and miserable england.

    I am coming to South Africa for my 40th been a lifetime ambition!!!

    I get married 28th August 07......
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    and i on the other hand would love to be in England one of the things on my to do list i have never been out of SA. But i should agree its nice and hot but right know im sitting in my office without aircon and wouldnt mind a bit of cold ;\)

    So where in SA are you going? It really is an amazing country i thin a lot of people dont know how beautiful it is here and the weather is great. Im havin gmy wedding on 1 September and that is our Spring day.

    So what tippe of wedding are you going to have?
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    I'm not to familiar with South Africa but i know the geography so have an idea where pretoria is. July is the cold season in Zim as well. We are having our Honeymoon around October/November time! My Sil2b is always going to kruger national park, i think if we went to visit her that's a sure place we will visit.

    I'm a Quantity Surveyor , the wedding plans are coming okay but wish I could come get married in Africa you know , for the amount of money I am paying here I would be guaranteed to get something more lavish in SA or Zim.

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    so you are from Zimbabwe but in England now? Why not have a great beach wedding in Cape Town i would hve loved to do that but al our family are in Pretoria and Pietersburg so nt an option. Im serious dit you see in last months (maybe december) of the cape town wedding it was stunning! And you can really do so much more finacialy isnt it R12 per pound? If you could have your dream wedding where would it be?

    Im a conveyancing secretary for attorneys. My wedding is gonna be in my church i have been a member for 18 years so its got a lt of sentimental value.

    So what time is it there? Time in SA is 17:21 i know boring info ;\)
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