Calling all teachers!

Can anyone tell me when Easter school holidays fall in 2008?

Thanks! ;\)


  • Ha funny one....I'm not a teacher but a sad individual who has the school list already for 2008.

    According to my school list (Cheshire area) they break up on Thursday 20th March until Monday 7th April 2008.

    Hope this helps lol
  • Im not a teacher but a mother in the midlands its the wednesday 19th march til thursday 3rd april 2008

  • HAHA I am a teacher and have no clue!

    I don't even know when we break up for Easter this year....

    I'm a bit pants!

    (I know it's under 2 weeks til we break up for half term though weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

    Mrs Penguin

  • In Oxon the agreed dates are Mon 7th April - Fri 18th April. Get a day off on 21st and 24th March for easter. Will depend where you are in the country and whether your area does the 6 term thing!

    Mrs Penguin - are you counting down too!!!! Its been a long term!!!


  • In West Berkshire it's Mon 2nd April - Mon 16th April.

    Ofsted for me tomorrow image
  • Sorry, I misread your post - I thought you said 2007 dates. Like I said, Ofsted.... my brain's addled.
  • image

    know where your coming from pink toothbrush....we had it last week!

    good luck!!

    Natalie, in response to your post - i'm in wakefield, west yorkshire and its 17th - 31st March 2008.

  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    If you go to your local council website you'll be able to find them on there as they will be differetn in different parts of the country!
  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    Thanks girls. Crafty charli - didn't think of that one! D'oh!

    We're just deciding on our wedding date at the moment. Either the 15th or 29th March 08 and we didn't want it to clash with school hols in case hotels get full up quickly and/or charge a premium over the break therefore meaning our guests have difficulties finding somewhere to spend the night.

    Looks like the 15th is our best bet. Cool x
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