If anyone's read my post on the emotional support thread you'll understand my question.........

whats the worst thing you've done on a boyfriend for revenge?


  • claretweezeclaretweeze Posts: 1,613
    Not me personally, but know someone who sold his stuff on ebay for pence! Also know someone who put all his clothes etc in pond!

  • burned all his clothes in a cinders bin!!! The satifaction was imense! new g/f must have had to re clothe him hehehehe
  • god ebay would be an excellent way to get revenge.

    i've just threatened my h2b with posting how much a lying b****rd he is on his works forum, if he doesn't tell me the truth. i can imagine him looking quite pale at work now ha ha
  • this is nasty but wasnt ment to be the way it was but went out with his flatmate he moved out then a couple of months later we got back together 3 years on have a son and getting married .........
  • Lou_1986Lou_1986 Posts: 1,584
    got with another guy and flaunted it in his face and showed him what he was missing image
  • sanelluksanelluk Posts: 194
    Told everyone we broke up because he is Gay image I'm so evil image
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Told everyone he was rubbish in bed and had a tiny "organ" he he! I was quite subtle about it and only told people when they'd had a few drinks etc so the rumour was never particularly tied to me and it didn't sound like sour grapes. TO THIS DAY he has a reputation for being dreadful in the sack!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.....!!!!
  • natasha_uk25natasha_uk25 Posts: 2,253
    Told everyone we broke up because he is Gay image I'm so evil image

    lol that is so funny!
  • sanelluksanelluk Posts: 194
    Thanks s&s i was young but thinking back his face when he said "i dont get it this guy just keeps hitting on me" image

    Sorry i cant stop laughing i forgot all about it!
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I read somewhere about a girl got fed up with her bf spending all his money on his car that she decided to teach him a lesson because he wouldn't listen to her and sold it it really cheap. The guy who brought it got more than he bargained for!

    I do like miss kates one about him being gay!! You may have been young, but its still funny!!

    I do feel for you pepper and I hope you get things sorted asap. You deserve to be treated better. xxxx
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    Just a quick reply. I read a couple of your other posts and realised you were the same bride2b who posted before Christmas about your h2b being a police officer. I don't want to rock the boat at all but did they (the police) warn you both, that as a couple,the stress of being in the police force can affect relationships? There are several people I know who are split as they found this a problem, in contrast I know some who are happy together. What I am saying is, it is important to work through the differences and sort any problems out know, as things maybe become more stressful for him in the future and if you cant sort things out now then it will be tougher later. I do wish you all the best and I hope you will pull through and put these incidents behind you both. xxx
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