pajama day

bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
anyone else having a day of slopping about?

still in my pj's, doing housework aswell tho!!



  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oooh I'm very jealous I love my pyjamas! Have fun!
  • One word - jealous!!

    Oooh, are't I awful....sorry. Done a ten hour day and all I want to do is crawl into my jammies right now and not wake up until Saturday morning.

    Hope you enjoyed you day off x x x
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    Lol, I was in my 'jamas 'til about 12 - doing housework and bobbing on here every now and again. And then h2b popped home for summat to eat and I was so embarassed about not being dressed I told him my clothes were in the tumble dryer so had nothing to wear image I'm a terrible w2b image !!
  • lol - just to rub it in a bit! As a student every day is pj day! image

    Lilcorker that is so fun tho, still bets the 'dog eat them' line!

    K x
  • shelnpaulshelnpaul Posts: 126
    I would love to have that kind of day this week is dragging - cant wait till my day off Friday but think H2B has plans like building book shelves and sorting out our garage great the joys!!!!!Im Jealousxx
  • TPT16TPT16 Posts: 222
    I will be having a pj day on friday can't wait
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