is it too big to wear as getting married in registry office

hi ladies i am really starting to panic as i have my dress and worried it is too big to get married in registry office mine is a copy of this but with corset but otherwise it is exactly the same please girls i need your honest opinions thanks :\?


  • Hi Lou

    Well done - you have fantastic taste. Exactly the same dress as me! lol! Mine is lace up back, same as yours I think in diamond white.

    I think it'll be fine for a registry office! So what you aren't in a church, you don't have to be at all. You will look stunning.

    It is a gorgeous dress, made me fel really shapely and small waist, what about you?

    Niks x
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    No definitely not it's a lovely dress - you wear what you want it's your wedding! It won't look too big in a registry office at all. Now stop worrying! Claire xxx
  • no i don't think it is at all i think its beautiful its not like its a diana train or something so i wouldn't worry
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    Absolutely not!

    It's a lovely dress and if you love it that is all that matters!

    It's gorgeous and I think you should go for it.

    It's a total myth that fabulous dresses are only for church weddings!
  • thanks girls you have both made me feel better.

    bargain-bride lol we do have good taste,the dress is gorgeous and i do feel like a million dollars and when i put it on i couldnt believe it, i had a waste(hadnt seeen that in a couple of years lol)my best mate loves and said the pictures will look great the way the train lays.

    but thanks to you both really do feel much better now
  • That dress is fab!! look how tiny your waist will be!!

    You love it so you just have to wear this dress!!

    Go for it
  • thanks for all the replies xxxxxx
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