One of many?

Just occured to me that whilst I think ranting on about invites and shoes is perfectly normal, my relatives and h2b probably think I'm slowly cracking up! You see I blame this site. I spend so long on here getting great advice and sharing my problems as well as helping with other brides dilemmas that I think I've started to assume that everyone thinks like us. To me I am one of many bridezillas but to my family and h2b I am the only one and that could be a bit scary! ;\)xx


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    YES image !! I know exactly what you mean. I keep reading things on here and it sets my mind off wandering. Then I'll get my h2b and I say "I think we should have a chat" and he'll say "what about?" and I say "the wedding" lol, this happens almost every night now, and God love him he does roll his eyes but he still sits and listens to everything and agrees with me.

    And we don't even have anything booked yet!!

    I think it's because I'm so excited, I'm like a coiled spring but when it comes down to having to actually talk things through. I don't have an awful lot to actually say. I just squeal and giggle - a lot image

    God knows what'll happen when we go ahead and book our venue in a few weeks :\( image
  • I speak to my h2b on the phone every night and you can guarantee that I mention the "W" word somewhere in the conversation and then I'll mention it again when he is back home of a weekend!! Poor guy!!

    My Bridesmaid lets me waffle for England about the wedding and she is doing everything she can to help - including choosing and buying her own shoes to match my colour scheme. Bless her!!
  • Me too, H2B works away and we speak every day on the phone at least a zillion times apparantly tonight and i quote "I'm as giddy as a seaside donkey" bless it must be love...hehehe!

    I've also bought him a diary and penciled in important dates such as wedding fayre etc so he has no excuses. imagex

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    672 posts lilcorker an you havent booked venue yet-I must tell h2b and he mite just think Im a little less crazy.

    My family an h2b think i am a complete lunatic as they really do not know anyone else getting married. And I find myself talking about it non stop then justifying myself by saying evry1s the same planning a wedding! Least I can get away with that 1 cos no1 else is getting married! have to keep saying that when ppl ask the price of things too.

    I too blame Y&YW but wouldnt have it any other way lol

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    Hey, we've got the same number of posts Belinda!!

    Our wedding has had to be postponed a couple of times - babies and houses have gotten in the way. This time we're determined though, nothing'll get in the way this time (touch wood!!) - booking venue as soon as h2b has had his assessment centre interviews for police in March image
  • Hi Belinda

    Your not a complete lunatic, it's perfectly normal to talk constantly about wedding plans, just today I had to attend a course at work as per usually was the only girl and we had to do the introduce yourself thing and say what we did for fun, well mine was spending an obscene amount of time on here and talking/planning wedding non stop. At lunch time one of the guys came up and was asking me all about it, after talking non stop for 20 mins i think he wished he'd not bothered to ask...hehehe!
  • Glad it's not me I honestly would never have thought that h2b and I could argue about chair covers before we got engaged! It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one obsessing over the details. His sister got engaged before Christmas and I think h2b is glad to have her fiance to escape with when we're discussing wedding plans for the millionth time!

    Bless him he's actually been really great, sat and talked about flowers for an hour or so on Sunday. But when he needs a break i know you ladies are always here to chat to!
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    I am so obbsessed never been on a forum before until now!!! I think te site is great for discussing ideas think my friends and family are bored already!
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    Wahoooooo I'm not the only one who talk weddings non stop - not too sure what I spoke about before we started planning the wedding or what'll I talk about after, come to think about it (hopefully preganancy then)!! My h2b is actually really interested and doesn't seem to mind me going on and on and on and on about the wedding - well if he does he doesn't say anything!! Just thinking I wonder how many hours I've been sat on this website - hmmm!!!

    One of my best friends is getting married the week after me - so its all we talk about!!

    Even on my msn at work and home personal msg says how many week/days until the big day!!

    Shame they don't have a instant messenger like msn on here - actually I would never get any work done!!!
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    Oh my God, what did I talk about before wedding planning???!!! That is seriously worrying! I'll probably go mute after the big day as I won't have anything to go on about. I keep saying 'I'm not the only you know. We're all like that' and then having to explain who 'we' is exactly! They will never understand and it'll wear off one after the wedding so I don't care Thank goodness for this site. H2b agrees with everything I say and I thought he wasn't really listening but he's taken a real interest this week so I'm impressed! I think it's like going for a night out, The getting ready is always one of the best bits so I'm going to try and enjoy it from now on. xx
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    Thankfully ive got 2 great friends who let me waffle on and on about weddings, One only got married 3 weeks ago so shes in wedding mode at the mo anyways, another is getting married in June so shes good to compare notes

    I dont chat too much with h2b hes a typical, whatever you want just do it.... so i
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