stupid cough is keeping me awake!!!

Hi, don't know if anyone else is still up but im still up because I have the most annoying cough ever!! I have been looking after my little boy today who has chickenpox but as the day has gone on he has got better and I seem to have got worse. I felt really ill earlier so went to bed at 7 but I couldn't get to sleep because I keep coughing.

I kept trying to go back to sleep but at 11.30 I got so pi**ed off that I've had to get up and come downstairs (even though im exhausted and still feel ill) and now im downstairs on the computer it's almost stopped but I know if I go back to bed it will start again, AAGHHHHHH!!!

Sorry for going on im just feeling sorry for myself and trying to keep myself busy!!


  • Hi Vixie

    Yeah, I'm still up, but not because I'm ill, but because I can't pull myself off this site. I've been off work for 5 weeks with a broken finger (which is now 90% better) and I don't go back to work until Monday - I've just got soooo used to staying on here until some unworthy hour.

    Don't know what I'm gonna do when I'm back in work - I'll be going to bed at 10/11 o'clock again every night!!!

    Really sorry to hear of your cough - the only thing I can suggest is to try and sleep alleviated so it doesn't settle on your chest.

    I'm gonna drag myself off to bed - I'm freezing!! Hope you get well soon.

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  • i am still up if u dont go to bed. wen r u getting married

  • vixiebukvixiebuk Posts: 268
    Hi, not getting married untill 22nd december this year but it seems to be creeping up quickly! How about yourself?
  • i am getting married 17th february so only 18 days for me. i realised it was so close when all the valentines cards came out. I have only been planning it since november 20th so i didnt have that long to do anything and it has definately crept up quickly
  • Sarahtrinder

    I did end up dragging myself off the computer last night and forcing myself into bed. I get married on 19th May 07 (107 days) I can't wait, getting really excited now and only flowers to sort out and to find a garter.

    Well besides dress fittings etc. Going to a bridal shop tomorrow to finalise details for my flowergirl's dress because it's being made to measure (she's gonna be 5 when we get married and she's very petite)

    18 days for you eh - good luck for the big day & does it get any worse as the wedding gets nearer?
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