Sex ban??

The thought occured to me that it would make the honeymoon a bit if we didn't have sex for a few weeks before the wedding day! Out of the two of us I actually have the highest sex drive so it'd be a challenge to me more. Having said that when we lived apart h2b would be very lustful when we got together. Just thought it might add that extra spark. But on the other hane our sex life is great so why spoil a good thing. Curious what your opinions are. Have you thought about doing this? Are you going to do this? Do you think its crazy?! xx


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Have such a low sex drive anyway that unfortunately not having sex for weeks often happens in our relationship and even more unfortunately it doesn't seem to make me any more 'lustful'. Our honeymoon was in New York and we were out and about so much of the time doing things (we didn't want to miss anything out) that although there was sex it wasn't the main event so to speak.

    I think if it is going to make for a more enjoyable and exciting time away then it might be worth doing but not if it is going to cause ANY stress etc in those last few weeks before the wedding!
  • LittleboboukLittlebobouk Posts: 5,369
    I know that we are definetley having a sex ban 1 months worth although not sure whether we will last lol
  • kate342kate342 Posts: 3,358
    I'm exactly the same as CraftyCharli although I'm finding my sex drive is slowly getting higher - think it was having a baby that did me in image

    To be honest I've never seen the point but if it's something you want to do then you should go for it image

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do ;\)
  • Sweet_RoseukSweet_Roseuk Posts: 1,430
    If we had a sex ban for more than 24 hours we would be ripping each others clothes off !!!!! lollll I think its a good idea tho hun, go for it I'm sure your wedding night will be very interesting!!!!

    Sweet rose. x
  • Hey girls, I've suggested this to h2b and we're definitely going to TRY and do it - i'm the higher sexed of the 2 of us so Jules we'll be in the same position (so to speak) as you - it will make our honeymoon and wedding night something to remember!
  • Talking of sex bans, did any one watch loose woman on Mon? They were saying would you give up sex for 1 million pounds, and 1/3 of men said yes...!

    I said I would give it up for anything really, chocolate, music, sleep. I have a VERY low sex drive (poor H2B) and would not be fussed if I never had sex again to be honest....

    So in answer to your question, a sex ban wouldn't work because H2B would be dying for it and I wouldn't give 2 figs, and it would probably make me even less likely to want it at all!
  • if we dont have it for a while my sex drive goes but if we have it more oftern i then actaully want it more,dont know if you lot understand that lol
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    When we were disscussing virgin brides (on here) i came up with the same idea. Still not sure we could keep our hands off each other for 24 hours never mind any longer
  • You ladies with high sex drive.... any suggestions to make us poor girls with low/non-existent ones better?

    You ladies with low sex drive, how do you cope?
  • AbbyMukAbbyMuk Posts: 1,071
    I suggested a sex ban to h2b but he wasn't all that impressed. He works away a lot so sometimes we have to wait a couple of weeks so shouldn't be that difficult for 2 weeks before the wedding. But actually, not sure it would make our 1st night as a married couple any better!! xxx
  • Linda2ukLinda2uk Posts: 109
    Me and my hubby 2 be were talking about having a sex ban before our wedding night and he freaked out! lol! I think that it will make our 1st night together as man and wife more exciting! Wat does eveyone else think? xxxxxx
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    Hmmmm, could probably manage it for a week or so, don't think we could last a month though...

    To be honest, I'd rather not have an imposed ban, otherwise we will both presume that we'll be shagging on our wedding night, whereas I'll probably pass out after all the Champagne and knackered from the day. I'm DEFINITELY an afternoon or morning sex gal, usually I'm asleep before my head even hits the pillow at 10pm!! That's not the case on holidays though, just when I'm at work and stressed all week! Vicky xx
  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582
    I suggest this to H2B and he looked like he wanted to cry!! My best friend went for 5 months before her wedding! dont think i could manage that quite frankly image maybe aweek??!!image
  • emsukemsuk Posts: 1,267
    my h2b was devestated when i suggested this to him so unlikely we will try it, although i have told him it is unlikely he will get anything the wedding night due to being so tired and drunk !

    anyone with low se x drive, try changing your pill. was on same pill for 9 years. (talked about on 'sex life' thread a while ago)

    has done us wonders, definatly worth a try !
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    if we dont have it for a while my sex drive goes but if we have it more oftern i then actaully want it more,dont know if you lot understand that lol

    Know EXACTLY what you mean! Think my body kinda switches off if I don't get any for awhile but once reminded of what i'm missing I'm horny all the time image

  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Hmm, having thought about it I might aim for two weeks instead! Seems a bit more realistic. Being the female in a relationship with the higher sex drive feels a bit strange sometimes. Glad I'm not the only one. H2B does want sex a lot but I seem to want sex all the time! I did hear that the more you have sex the more you want it. If you don't feel like it then try having lots of quickies and eventually your drive picks up apparently. H2B should feel honoured I could never be that bothered with my ex. xx
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