Invitations how long?

Hi everyone! This day started out rough as a client gave me crap but luckilly its gholf day today! Gholf day means my boss leaves at about 11 and doesnt return until the follwoing day which leaves me and the other girl to catch up on gossip (oh and some work)

But anycase i watn to ask you all how long before the wedding are you gonna send your invitations?


  • Hiya

    I am sending mine uot in the next couple of weeks, and we are getting married on 1st Sept. I am asking for RSVP's by about 15th July, so gives me 6 weeks after to sort final numbers etc for food, linen etc etc (also then there may be people who are only invited to the evening how can be 'upgraded')
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    Good idea i think thats the best im only worried ill have a fall-out wtih someone and then im sorry that i invited them? But then again why not? Ps can i ask a really dumb question i have seen a lot of girls talking about inviting people to the evening. Is that the evening before or how does that work? In SA we do things a bit different.;\)

  • Over here we have a 'day' do and then a dance in the evening of the wedding day.

    So close friends and family are normally invited to the ceremony (church/register office) and reception (sit down meal or buffet bit with speeches) and then there is a short gap and then the evening begins, to which there may just be a buffet and generally more people are invited to this, like work colleagues, etc and it is more informal than the actually day bit.

    Hope that helps! x
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    Ok sounds good and it s not that much different form ours. We have our weding ceremony and then the reception where the speeches dancing and everything else is done and thats it! So not to different except all the people from the wedding get invited to the reception its one invitation. Hope that makes sense?!
  • I am sending out 2 types of invites:

    1 to the 'all day' guests (ceremony, reception and evening)

    1 to the 'evening' guests (just the evening dance with DJ etc)

    When are you getting married Miss Kate?

    Niks x
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    1 September 2007 and i cant wait! My dress is already in the making and the caterer the decorations and most of the stuff has already been organised i'm almost finished with everything and the wedding is only in 7 months.

    So when is you wedding b-b and how many guests are you inviting? We are inviting 100
  • Hey Miss Kate you are my date twinnie!

    Also 1st September. We have about 85 to the day and about 125 to the evening!

    Dress, venue, church, suits etc is all done. It is just the little things now, like writing out the invites that are all sat on the table at home, and deciding on order of service and playlist for the DJ. What time are you getting married. Our ceremony starts at 12 noon!
  • Hi both - We're also getting married on 1st September. 8\) Our wedding is in Birmingham, where are you getting married?

    Thanks for the advice on the invites - I wasn't really sure when to send them out. I'm still waiting for them to be made - do you think April will be too late to send them?

    I really don't want to wish the year away, but I am SO loooking forward to it! 7 months tomorrow!

    Where are you guys honeymooning?

    Rach xx
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    Wicked! This is great :\) Ours is at 16:00 and our reception at about 17:00 this is so strange we are gonna be married on the same day! Ok so tell me more about yourself bb. Im 23 turning 24 on 9 March and i work for attorneys in Pretoria South Africa. What is your dress gonna look like?
  • Hiya

    I am getting married in Guernsey, as I am a Guernsey girl. H2B is from Wigan but lives over here now with me.

    We are getting married at a church on the coast and our reception is in a hotel on the coast.

    Our colour scheme is burgundy and ivory and my dress is maggie sottero, martina with a corset back in diamond white.

    I have got my tiara and veil but no shoes as H2B and I are same height so I am looking for ones that are not frumpy or clumpy or totally flat (about 1 inch heel).

    What about you?
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    Welcome to the 1 Sept club r-bride

    My wedding is going to be in our church (ive been a member for about 18 years) and h2b has recently joined our church. The church as well as the reception is going to be in Pretoria in South Africa (do you know where that is? i'll google your venues ;\)

    My wedding dress is being made to order and i have a fitting every month. Princess style with A-line organza strapless and my back open with crystal beadwork.

    My colour theme is White Green and Silver and i agree i dont wanna wish the time by but i dont wanna wait any more i'm so happy and excited!

    Oh yes and my honeymoon is gonna be in the cape check this out what do you think?
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    Google is the best ok i can see where your weddings are ging to be but i wish i could see what it look like there? I dont know bout you 2 but this is soooo cool to me 2 girls getting married axaclty the same day as me on the other side of the world!

    This is my dress, but it doesn't really do it justice

    I am going on honeymoon in Lake Garda in Italy on the 1st Oct to the 7th Oct and we are having a 2nd reception in Wigan on the 29th Sept for some of H2B's family and friends that can't make it over here (we couldn'yt invite them ALL!)

    This is my reception venue

    The church I am getting married in

    Pictures of Guernsey and the surrounding islands. It is aprt of a group called the channel islands and they are about 13 miles from the coast of France. There are 7 islands in total.
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    That is absolutely beautiful i can imagine that you are excited.

    ok im gonna try to give you an idea of mine:

    This is what Pretoria looks like

    Ok the dress: a lot like this but same as yours doesnt do justice mine is going to be much softer (have to send you a pic afterwards)

    Ok i cant give you any picture of the reception area as its being held att a hall in a top security area. You can check it out if you want.

    Ok so i think thats most of it. So how long have you and h2b been together? And hw old are you?
  • I am 20, will be just 21 when we get married and H2B is 21.

    We will have been together 2 years in May, living together for 20 months.

    Thats an interesting place to have your reception! Why there?

    Niks x
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    My dad's an engineer and works for them so got it for next to nothing :\)

    h2b and i will be together for 1 and a half year next month before him i dated a guy for 3 yrs but when i met him i just knew!;\)

    We will be getting our flat 1 August so we have not been living together but he lives 1.2km from my parents house and both of us just go home to sleep. He also works 20 steps from my office so we drive to work together.

    So what else can you tell me? Im having silver and liem green balloons on my tables and a balloon drop just like in the movies!

    How did h2b propose?
  • I also dated a guy for 3 years before H2B!

    How old are you and H2B Miss Kate?

    I would love to visit SA, but it is quite expensive methinks! Maybe 1 day! Plus I wouldn't know where to go, except I would love to do a Safari.

    My geography is terrible, it is only last week I found out egypt is in africa lol!!!!!! image

    We went to our favourite restauarant on our year anniversary for a meal and to stay the night, and he got down on one knee and asked me tomarry him. I was in shock, image so unexpected and my engagement ring is 18ct white gold diamond solitaire.
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    i'm 23 now but will be turning 24 on 9 march h2b will also be turning 24 y\this year on 2 september the day after the wedding *sigh* just remembered i have to buy a b-day pressie oo wait i can wrap myself;\)image

    Anycase you should really come to SA and you can ask me cause i have been living here for almost 24 yrs (i know my way around). If you wanna go on safari the best would be to go to kruger national park check this out (ps the left side is afrikaans my first language):\) this is the official site. Its easy just fly to Nelspruit airport and then you rent a car and drive the rest of the way (not far).

    Is that what you were thinking of? Ps its gonna be really cheap for you guys cause you get about R12 per pound at least.

    image i have also got 18ct gold ring with a diamond and small diamond next to it. Going to see the uy for our wedding rings tommoriw night cant wait! I inherited (sorry spelling) a diamond ring from my granny gonna use it in a white gols setting h2b wants titanium (very manly ;\)

    Are you serious bout coming to sa?

    Ive only got one bridesmaid and you? What colour is her dress gonna be?

  • Yeah I am serious - something I have always wanted to do. When I left school I went to Chamonix in france for 6 months to au apir for a S/A family. They had 4 kids. I think he was from Cape and can't remember where she was from. They also spoke africaans although the kids didn't so they used it to talk about things in front of the kids they didn't want them to know about and the kids would get so cross! image

    I have 5 bridesmaids, in burgundy dresses with an ivory split down the side.

    H2B also wants titanium, harder to scratch at work he says, whilst I want an 18ct white gold plain 3m band.

    My bday is 4th July (my 21st!) and H2B is 21st Dec. Sucks that it is so near xmas! twice as hard to get him 2 special presents because it is doubly expenisive! image

    Over here on Sunday nights on Channel 3 we have a programme called wild at heart, about a family who have moved to Africa to run a nature reserve. I love it!!!!! :\)
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    Hi bb that sounds so much fun i love afrikaans it really is alanguage with alot of character but i love enghilish as well. Mom alwasys spoke afrikaans and Dad english thus making me bilingual (helped a lot at school)

    Well its 17:00 here and i get to go home and as my office is beyond hot (33 deg C / 91 deg F) im gonna go and sit next to the lake (our offices are situated next to a lake) h2b only finishes 18:00 i would love to chat to you again tommorow!!

    See you tommorow ps if you wanna email me my adress is [email protected]

    Take care!:\)
  • Wow Miss kate, sounds like a perfect life, hot weather and sat by a lake. I am so jealous!!!!

    I would love to chat to you again too. Funny now I am thinking about it, I know or have known so many south africans on this tiny island!

    Take care! mine is [email protected]

    I shall tell H2B we HABVE to go to SA now, just to meet you lol!

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