Send me lots of.......

Labour vibes!!!

My baby was due yesterday and i feel like i have been pregnant forever. Just want to crack open the champagne to celebrate mini diva's arrival.

I am praying it will be before new year!!!!


  • Labour vibes coming your way! its been a while since i gave birth but i shall dig down deep and send you all the vibes i can muster! Good luck x
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    *******LABOUR VIBES*******

    Come on, little lady, mummy wants to be able to celebrate New Years with a glass of bubbly or two!!!!

    Not a hope of that happening for me though...I have to wait til March for my baby girl to arrive!!

    Good luck!!! xx
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Am I right in assuming you're having a girl?? x
  • diva73ukdiva73uk Posts: 987
    Yeah, my last one!! I have a daughter of 16, a son of 21mths and now were expecting another diva.....who is fashionably late !!
  • Ok advice I bet you've already had but I'll say it anway: Sex, pineapple, hot/spicy curries etc!

    Hope your little darling comes soon! x
  • Come on baby diva!!!
  • Is it wrong to love 'gas & air'?

    hope things are progressing!

  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    any luck hun
  • XTinksXXTinksX Posts: 568
    are you still pregnant!?
  • has the little lady put in an appearance yet?? come on little Diva you have missed Christmas, you don't want to miss new year too!!
  • maybe the silence indicates that mini diva is on her way!
  • lots and lots of luck hun...

    hope everything goes well with the labour and you have a healthy baby...

  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Come on baby........................



  • Aww I hope that you have gone into labour now and that everything is going well.

  • diva73ukdiva73uk Posts: 987
    Sorry ladies still here!!!

    Time is running out for an 08 baby and a glass of champagne!! Have got a stretch and sweep booked for fri if nothings happened by then!!
  • peachpieukpeachpieuk Posts: 4,813
    Ohhh! When I saw this thread back at the top again and you as the latest poster, I thought you had news!

    Fingers crossed he makes an appearance before Friday

  • i can empahise hun, jamie was 14 days overdue and then he had to com out of the sunroof...lazy boy lol

    i have my fingers crossed for you!! you never know you could have the first baby of the year!! that would be pretty cool!!

    good luck!

    kel xx
  • *********LABOUR VIBES**********




    LOL XX
  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    How lovely! Lucky you. My youngest was born a year ago. Hope she comes soon but I suppose they come when they're ready! Good Luck! xx

    P.S did I dream it or did you say before that you were from Newport too?
  • diva73ukdiva73uk Posts: 987
    I'm from cardiff so not far, my h2b is from newport originally though!
  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    I'm Cwmbran really but work in Newport. No sign yet then? Isn't it just the longest wait ever! x
  • diva73ukdiva73uk Posts: 987
    Yes....unfortunately still here. Have tried sex and walking and still nothing. I am sooooo glad i won't be doing this again!!!
  • vickyuk2vickyuk2 Posts: 566
    Tried it all with both mine. Nothing. Although bouncing on one of those large exercise balls seemed to make my last drop. Think I MAY do it again but then again....
  • nikyb1nikyb1 Posts: 639
    come on baby girl time to come out

    fingers crossed it comes before tomorrow im sure you will love your glass of champagne!!!!

    LABOUR VIBES coming your way

  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Don't late babies just drive you mad? It'd be much better I think if you weren't given an exact due date. The morning arrives and nothing happens, enough to drive anyone crazy. I think I lived off curry for a month I was so fed up of being pregnant. Didn't help that everyone had got me booze for christmas. They were probably thinking I'd need a drink afterwards, I even took our 7ft christmas tree down with a machete in the front room in an effort to get things moving along! I do feel for you hun!
  • Ohhh hope your feeling okay...

    Tried a curry yet??

  • diva73ukdiva73uk Posts: 987
    Pmsl at christmas trees and machete's!!

    I did just buy a hot curry from sainsbury's actually, but have a tiny appetite at the mo so not sure how much i'll get down!!

    I think this will be an 09 baby!!
  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227
    sending lots of vibes! i even tried jogging with my son!

    in the end when i was 8 days late we went to a party and my waters broke there!lots of public humiliation! but it did the trick!
  • o you poor thing, i cant think of anything worse that waiting, its my pet hate! i went in to labour when my car broke down, bit of stress might do the trick. lol

  • wishing you a safe and speedy delivery, come on baby diva!!
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