is this too cheap of me??

If it's what you want and it matches the dress, it doesn't matter how much it costs. Personally, I think it's beautiful, and it certainly doesn't look cheap.


    Whats does it matter how much it costs? At the end of the day it's only you (and all of us!!) that know! I think as long as you like it and feel happy wearing it then wear it. I think it is lovely personally, good choice! I have also seen some jewellery which i love and it is about £15 for necklace and earings so not that expensive either but i am very tempted to go back and get it! x
  • naaah! i'd call it a BIG BARGAIN.
  • Who cares how much it cost hun... its a beautiful piece... as long as it goes nicely with your dress and hairstyle - go for it!!

    I lost my tiara the day before we were due to fly out for the wedding - ended up having a Next tiara i found on ebay, and going round to the ladies house to pick it up!! ha!! No one noticed - i think!! he he....

    gorg colour as well... its lovely - plus something you can wear after the wedding as well image
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    No way!! I love it doesn't matter about the cost...Its how much you love it xx xx
  • I once complimented a bride on her jewelery (it was gorgeous!) and she began to to giggle and revealled that it was a cheapie bit of costume jewelery she had bought from argos that she had been passing off as sworovski! (SP?) I would have believed her if she had told me it had cost £200! anyway, its how it looks not how much it costs, congrats on your bargin!
  • Quoted:
    naaah! i'd call it a BIG BARGAIN.

    I agree!!!! image Def' a bargain!!
  • I think that will look great with Melinda!

    You've got the money you saved to spend else where now.......!!!! xx
  • i think its lovely. i guess the question to ask is whether, if you saw it in a magazine or something (ie not in the shop), what you would have been prepared to pay for it. if you thought it looked cheap, you might not want to wear it. if that makes sense...

    personally, i think it looks like many times more expensive than the £12 it was at (or the £6 you paid) so go for it. Its lovely.

    ps - did you buy the shoes???
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    I think it's gorge chick! Some of the nicest jewellery can be costume! xxxx
  • It's really lovely!!!! It doesnt look cheap babe! xxxx
  • It's really lovely!!!! It doesnt look cheap babe! xxxx
  • Its gorgeous, I saw that in Accessorize, it will be lovely on your wedding day..
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    clairc, I lurve it!!!! Does not look cheap at all!! You will look stunning.....
  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227
    i love it too!
  • salsaspinsalsaspin Posts: 4,098
    It's beautiful and no one will know how much it costs unless you tell them!

    My wedding shoes cost me £22 in Debenhams and the necklaces my bridesmaids wore were £12 each on eBay!
  • LauriukLauriuk Posts: 463
    its lovely,, def not cheap !!!!!! will look stunning on your day !

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    Looks lovely!

    Bambagirl x
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    mine was from accessorize too. It was perfect and i didn't care what the price was...i was thrilled to get it so cheap
  • no way, its lovely xo
  • KimmybobKimmybob Posts: 1,580
    You;re not going to believe this BUT my h2b bought me that for Christmas! image VERY Beautiful
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