Baby shower - need help

My very close friend is now heavily pregnant and I thought about arranging a baby shower for her. I think it is a lovely tradition, but as I am not English (neither of her other friends are) I am kind of stuck what you're supposed to do there. Neither of my English friends have children, so no help me re. Please throw some ideas on gifts, games, menus etc

I know there's plenty of mums/ mums to be here on general so I'm sure you've had loads of experience.

On the negative note, I am really angry as she's going to miss my wedding (wrrrr - no not really angry wish she could be there!!!)

Anyway - any help really appreciated.

Bit of background - she's 26, engaged to the guy of 6 yrs. The baby's probably a boy, will be named Oliver. She is thoughtfull, loving, caring person. Would give her life for her friends. Always been there for me, even in really tough times - so you see she' someone special.

Btw - are men allowed?


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