What do you think of................

dove release???


honest opinions please


Nic xx


  • Personally I think its a little too much, but that is just me I like simple things. A friend of mine had doves and it worked really well and she was really pleased that she ignored all the people that didn't like the idea.

    Have you been to a wedding where they have released doves? This may give some idea about the way it will go on the day.

  • MrsTil08MrsTil08 Posts: 2,066
    I'd say it looks lovely but i'm not too sure where i stand on it where the birds are concerned! I'm certainly interested in what others think. Personaly i would save my money! xx
  • We did it - one each in rememberance of my grandfather and hubby's grandmother...

    It was a fab touch to the wedding day, and we caught some rather comical pictures of us holding/releasing the doves...

    Later at the reception they were seen sitting at the top of the hotel together ... bless!!
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    Why do you do this?

    What is the meaning/symbolism?
  • I'd be scared of dove poo- I'm very accident prone though lol so maybe just me : )
  • Pure White Doves symbolize Peace Love and a New Beginning. Doves are so symbolic for a wedding because they pair for life and both share in the care of their young
  • Quoted:
    I'd be scared of dove poo- I'm very accident prone though lol so maybe just me : )

    image i never thought of that!! Now - that would be a picture!! Thankfully it didn't happen to us, or on any of the guests as they flew off!! he he...x
  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    Pure White Doves symbolize Peace Love and a New Beginning. Doves are so symbolic for a wedding because they pair for life and both share in the care of their young

    Awwwwww image

    I don't think I's do it myself, seems a bit posh n becks?
  • Yup you can guarantee my accident prone hubby would have got poohed on and then accidently wiped it on me! lol.

    Honestly though Im not sure I agree with it - as TIL said what about the birds? x
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I am absolutely phobic about birds so I couldn't think of anything worse!! Apart from, possibly, a large release of vicious (and immensely stupid and fearless) London pigeons inside the reception venue upon arrival (!)

    I am already sh**ting a brick in case there are birds nesting in the roof of the gazebo where we're having our vows (garden wedding). If there are, I won't be going anywhere near it, wedding be damned!!!
  • PumbaaukPumbaauk Posts: 216
    Hi nic,

    Sorry if I offend in anyway but even though they are very pretty birds and there is a romantic stigma behind it, I find it a bit corny and also remind me of magicians......So sorry, if any ladies did have them on their wedding day. This is just my opinion xx
    I like the meaning behind it but it's not to my taste, sorry nic. I would also be scared of them pooing and flapping about and it all going horribly wrong! But that's just my opinion! If you want it though then go for it. x
  • i think it looks nice but i'd really put that money towards my shoes lol
  • I agree - it is a bit cheesy....sorry to those who are having them! Just not my taste! x
  • what happens to the birds? surely their welfare is the most important thing? do they find their way home ok or are they left to fend for themselves?
  • fifi0529fifi0529 Posts: 1,225
    not my taste, bit tacky.
  • ladyblueukladyblueuk Posts: 1,227
    beartobe they released a white'dove' at my uncles funeral. the man who had the dove said it was really a white pidgeon and it finds its way home?

    i'm a bit sceptical though and i don't know if he just said this to keep people happy.
  • MrsWSoonMrsWSoon Posts: 749
    I think the meaning of a dove release is lovely, especially in memory but I would definitely be worried about the poo! But then thats my luck!!! image
  • we have white pidgeons nesting outside my office- think they fly back to the owner- otherwise theey'd have to get new birds everytime. Lovely idea just be prepared to duck lol (honestly would prob just be me lol)
  • Im sure its nice for some people but i think its a bit tacky sorry.
  • they are trained like those homeing pigeons like in a rubbish programme we used to watch as school called gordie racer - do you remember that or was it just my school? lol

    I love the vintage looking cages but would have them filled with roses although doves are beautiful.

    I like the idea of thai lanterns when it gets dark

  • oh my god: "geordie racer geordie race flying high in the street........" random memories and the tune flooding back lol
  • not just me then! lol i remember sittig cross legged in our quiet room ! how funny... i wonder why we watched that! lol
  • loved geordie racer....do you remember dragon quest? or through the dragons eye or what ever it was called.....?
  • i remember that too! hehe!
  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • "north or south east or west the quest....." lol Dragons eye I think I had to make a papier mache face and made it of the evil purple one with the bob and glasses- what was the floating thing called with letters on it - also had Badger Girl and something with a Perigrine falcon....
  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • oh dear Now Mrs B- that;d be me but with poo on my face as well lol
  • they were both bbc2 productions "look and read" made in 1988 & 89. lol!

    sorry to highjack the thread nic!
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