Special NYE for H2b

HIya Ladies,

Im planning a romantic night in for me and H2b tommorow night. I want something to make it special. Ive already put all our wedding music on the ipod to listen too , setting the table with candles etc and i tried to get a personalised poem from iwantapeom but ive not had a reply yet.

Does anyone have any poems or ideas of ways to make it extra special. (Im skint at the minute so needs to be a cheap homemade idea.



  • iwantapoem usually reply really quickly, she is great ... i expect u will get a response tonight/tomorrow.....

    else make a present. i painted my H2B a icture for Xmas, its no masterpieve but he loves it!! In the cheap book shop thibgys you can get paint and a canvas for a couple of quid (saw them the other day and brought a few for some kids i know as presents!) xx
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    I love Curls' idea - nothing could be more personal than something you've created yourself.

    Also, could you write something yourself? It doesn't have to be a poem.

    Here are some topics from a pressie someone once recommended here on YAYW:

    - Details of our first meeting

    - My first impression of you

    - Funny/lovely memories of things we've done

    - What I'm looking forward to about being married

    - If it were the last time we spoke, I would say this to you...

    If you have a notebook - or some nice paper - you could just write one line, or a couple of lines on each page, and stick a photo above or below.

    Good luck, wishing you and all b2bs and newlyweds a romantic New Year's Eve
  • one of my best presies from my h2b was a pink photo album with a couple of ticket stubs in it from holidays- he wrote on the inside cover "I hope we can fill this together with all our happy memories" or something similar, it made me cry, pretty sure it was fairly inexpensive too!!

    For his birthday I always get my h2b his fave desert - he lurves tiramasou (I don't) and his fave drink - southern comfort and lemonaide (bit girly bless) and cook his fave food goes down a treat (as does sexxy underwear and heels lol) xx
  • I love the photo album idea!
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