How much roughly are the benjamin roberts dresses ?

i have only tried on maggie sottero dresses so far which have all been between £1000-£1200 , just been on the benjamin roberts site and seen some lovely dresses , how much did yours cost ? x


  • EmmaC15EmmaC15 Posts: 495
    Hi I've got the 912 it was £1285. But worth every penny. I love it. xx
  • Hi. I've bought a Benjamin Roberts dress and it is beautiful - really good corsetry so sucks in the waist. The design I chose was 1033 and was approx £800. I can't wait for it to arrive! Good luck with your search x
  • Hiya, Ive got BR 630, i love it, def sucks your waist in, there amazing. Mine was £975. Should be in the shop in feb, cant wait.
  • I wore BR 705 and it cost me £855 plus alterations. Worth every penny. His gowns are so well made and so flattering. They feel amazing to wear.

  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    I had the 930 and I think it was about £1200. That's terrible eh? Married 4 months and have already forgotten how much I forked out on the soddin dress! LOL
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