Happy hogmanay to everyone. Whats everyones plans while im working night shift all through Hogmanay!!

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  • bouncy35ukbouncy35uk Posts: 1,416
    hi suzygirl. im not doing anything for hogmanay. just cant seem t get into the spirit of it this year :\(
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    hi girls happy new year to you all, where taking our kids for a pub meal for tea, then we be at home
  • Happy hogmanay to you all too! I'm so excited, I've loved this day since I was a wee girl! I'm really excited, though need to get off this computer and get some cleaning done. We're going to a night in a hotel with a meal, disco/band, piper after the bells and overnight stay. Starting things off at 1.30 by going out for lunch before we check in at hotel. All the best to everyone when the bells come. Enjoy!

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