Okay, so this may be a tad controversial but we all like a good debate so I was wondering about everyone's views on sports people, musicians, and actors/actresses getting OBEs, MBEs and knighthoods. I just find it hard to understand... I know they all work hard but at the end of the day its doing something they LOVE, they already get all the glory in fame, gold medals, adoring fans plus a rather nice pay packet for most of them and on top of that they get awards from the queen. Is olympic gold medals not enough reward for doing something you enjoy?? For example didn't David Beckham get an MBE or something - he earns more in one week than most of us earn in a lifetime, why the hell should he get an MBE!!!

Don't get me wrong, I think its amazing the success some of our sports people have but if I won olympic golds in my sport then I don't think I would accept an OBE because I would love every second of training and I would be telling them to give it to someone more deserving! For instance, my great aunt founded a famous college and transformed education for women and sacrificed family life to give to education. She got an OBE and quite right too as she didn't have the pay, glory or fame for the sacrifices she made for others. What happened to real people doing difficult jobs that are for the benefit of others not themselves getting the acknowledgement?? Those deserving people who do get an honour don't get mentioned in the news so whats the point if they aren't publically known about!

Okay, I'm waiting for a roasting now but just wondered about other peoples thoughts??


  • salsaspinsalsaspin Posts: 4,098
    I do agree with you to a certain extent. I do believe that the people behind the scenes in sport/music deserve the awards.

    There are several people in the Honours List this year that work very hard to help young sportsmen and women involved and help set up schemes in deprived areas, etc.
  • fitassukfitassuk Posts: 267
    The 'celebrities' are a mere handful of people on the honours list, it's only because people know who they are that it gets discussed in the media.

    I think it's that they do desreve recognition - it's not all about money and winning.
  • Thats my point Corbington, those truley deserved of the honours barely get a mention in the media, the 'celebs' are the only ones getting a mention - and unfortunately it is all about winning where olympians are concerned. Chris Hoy said how its been the best year of his life and he has achieved his full potential this year and on top on that he gets a knighthood - he has already received a lot of recognition for what he has done. It should be more about the silent heroes in this country.
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    but then again, a lot of the silent heroes want to be just that - silent.

    my hub's grandparents were both given obes (I think - may have been mbes) for their charity work.

    they'd have been mortified if it were publicised particularly.

    the honours are given out for all sorts of things - I think it's fair enough that you get one if you've put the work in.
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    I agree with tuppence, honours go to all kinds of people. The media just focuses on the well known people.

    I'm chuffed though that Terry Pratchett has been knighted. He's given so much pleasure to people with his books. He's not seen as a heavy weight writer like some authors because of the genre he writes in but he's just as good a writer IMO!
  • I wouldnt mind getting one, and being 'a ladeeee' (said in a Little Britain style). Ive just got to get them to realise that being on the You and Your Wedding website/Facebook most of the day, IS in fact a service to the world.
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    i believe that only certain 'celebs should be given an award, only if they have served their country proud and done charity work, well done to the hard working dedicated people out there that have been given an award
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883

    Well I think that it's irrelevant whether someone is a celeb.... it's they've contributed something.... musicians for example provide a lifetime of entertainment, I think yeah they do deserve some kind of recognition.

    I speak as a friend of someone who finally received a long overdue OBE in 2005.

    (I feel like I'm name dropping, so please forgive me) Bob Geldof was given an "honorary knighthood" an accolade which does NOT allow him to use the title "sir" as he's Irish (it hasn't stopped him or the media though). Band Aid 1984/ Live Aid 1985 and "sir" Bob was honoured with his knighthood sortly after in 1986 and nearly 20 YEARS later Midge Ure, the man who (co) wrote and produced the song, helped arrange live aid and is a member of the band aid trust... finally got some recognition as well in the form of an OBE. However, the thing that thrilled him most was that he received it... for services to MUSIC and charity. He felt that the music part was important! It should have been a knighthood if you ask me! ;\)
  • Jem27Jem27 Posts: 207
    You could say that lots of people get them for doing what they love.

    Im a civil servant and some of my collegues have recived MBEs over the years and you could just say that they were doing the job they were paid to do.

    The celebrity ones just get picked out as they are well known.
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    yes, that's true, they do get mentioned in the press because they are well known.... but i don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    There's a difference between being a "celebrity" and being famous for having a skill..... acadamy award winning actors, musicians who have been entertaining for 20, 30, 40 years etc.... entertainers in the true sense of the word. I'm not being very articulate, but there's a difference between being a "celebrity" and being a "star" I think.
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    The Times has a complete list of all the honours given, and I believe other broadsheet newspapers do the same, it's only the tabloids who just bother mentioning the famous people.
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    Yes Cressy you're right....... but I think the "news" in general might be what people are refering to... television news, internet "news" msn, yahoo even the bbc etc. I'm not sure if the OP is miffed at famous people receiving awards at all, or if it's just because they are mentioned?! I think I've lost it along the way! LOL
  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    Alas - the famous names are the ones who sell newspapers and make people take an interest (whether it be online or in print format) - a headline reading "Rock star/sportsman/actor receives knighthood" is going to make people take notice, one that reads "Dustbin Man with 25 years service gets MBE" wouldn't.

    It's actually a sad reflection on what a lot of people in society actually seem to think is important these days. Without meaning to go off on a tangent, there was that survey a few months back which revealed that more young people recognised Simon Cowell then they did Gordon Brown, which I find rather depressing.

    In all honesty though, the honours don't really mean as much as they used to, especially the knighthoods. Hundreds of years ago, knights were revered across the land, and were given homes and land. These days it's just a title. My dad is a Sir, and it just looks fancy on his headed note paper, but that's about it!!!!
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    Completely agree with your post Cressy 100%, but I think it is nice for those who have spent their whole lives doing something to receive some kind of recognition.

    By the way MrsJBauer2B, are you aware that you can nominate who you'd like to receive an honour by contacting parliament, in fact I'm sure you can even do it online!
  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    Oh I agree with you that it's nice that there is recognition for people. I was talking more about the "big" honours.

    I think it's the "big" honours that people tend to object to famous folk getting more than the MBEs etc.

    Why should someone be knighted for something that has made them millions of pounds?!
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    yeah i totally see what you're saying, like I say..... I can only talk from the point of view of the only person I know who's ever received one..... and as far as I'm concerned the honour was 20 years too late and actually should have been on par with his co-founder, i.e a knighthood.
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