Anyone seen the film yet? What were your thoughts? Have you read the books? I'll see what others' opinions are first before I put mine across. image


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    Loved the film but not read the books. A friend said the film did not compare to the books at all, another said the books were rubbish.

    I've ordered the books so I'll let you know!
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    It is really a Marmite film/book. I'll tell you why in a bit... anyone else?
  • ive been told to read the books as they are totally different to the film, but i have to say i quite liked the film, wasnt anything amazing but it was enjoyable and i even started to quite fancy edward at the end image

    books are always better than the film, if youve read 'I am legend' that is totally different to the film, and the Bourne series dont even seem to follow any of the books! image sorry bit of a rant there image
  • Ive read all 4 books and seen the film and i have to say i was a bit dissapointed with film but kind of expected to be, dont get me wrong i didnt think it was pants and I enjoyed it in certain ways but the books were enthralling and i dont think a film can capture that
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    OK, well here's my opinion...

    I read the books only recently. I thought the main "pull" of them that kept me reading was the general theme and the characters. Any kind of plot within each story generally only took up about a quarter of the book. I thought the writing generally got very bad and Breaking Dawn, although I actually quite enjoyed it, thought it was extremely flawed and read more like fan fiction. Albeit pretty good fan fiction, but it just seemed like a lot of build up to.... not a lot. And of course the main flaw - without giving it away to non-readers, how come male vamps can and female vamps can't, if you know what I mean?? And for "that" scene, I wanted far more detail!!

    Me and my friend were very eager to see the film. A male friend had said it looked good and wanted to see it. I warned him that the trailer was extremely misleading - this is most DEFINITELY a girls' film, and a film us older women would enjoy because it reminds us of that teenage "first love" feeling, which is quite unlike any other type of love (and of course, is much more fulfilling as we get older), so it's nostalgia for us. I thought the film captured that well, and as there was never much of a plot in the book, so it carried to screen well. I'm not fussed about it missing this or that from the books, and I thought casting was great. I always said to my friend it would transfer better to screen - and book 4 will most definitely, provided they change certain things.

    So that's my opinion. I liked both books and film, and wouldn't say one is better than the other, as they are each good for their own reasons. There was nothing in the film I thought was particularly missing, but I do hope film 4 will be a lot more satisfying that book 4.


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    Ooh, and to readers, if you want more, do read Midnight Sun on Stephanie Meyer's website. It's not going to be published anymore, but it's a first draft of Book 1 from Edwards point of view.
  • i have to disagree about the books, the books were aimed at the young teenage market and actually come under childrens books in the book store when they're not in the best selling section so i would imagine that is probably why the book doesnt go into too much detail about "that scene" i thought the film didnt get across how mystical the vampires were, the scene where Edward was jumping up and down on Bella's car with an enormous thud kind of squashed the image of how graceful Edward was supposed to be! and i was really disappointed with Rosalie!

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    I really liked the books (apart from Breaking Dawn, it got a bit ridiculous) and the film. There were some feminist issues I had with the books and they're not great literature, but they're fun and entertaining.

    I wasn't expecting the film to be great, but I really enjoyed it - great casting, good use of music, nice direction (I love Catherine Hardwicke). I'm looking forward to the next movie!
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    Mrs Flowerfairy - oh, yes, I do realise they couldn't include that for that very reason, however I have that pervy wish that there was an "adult" version of it lol!

    I also didn't quite "feel" the mysticism in the film, but then when vampire films are set in modern times, modern schools etc, and they're trying to fit in with the people around them, it's hard to put that across on screen.
  • Im glad they didnt sneak in more details! i read them after my daughter! Euww! : )
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