Hello again

Hello. I havent been on for about a month but its been mental here preparing for christmas, h2b sister still refused to speak to me, says she likes me but doesnt want to speak to me image

But! as of tomorrow i can say im getting married next year! WOOT! so i better actually start planning for this wedding! image


  • as of tomorrow i can say i got married LAST year : ( x
  • jadzyjadzy Posts: 638
    awww hun image but im betting it was worth every minute!
  • every single second!! : )
  • Jadzy thats exactly was i was thinking! i think its going to be a bit of a shock though; will need to get myself organised.

    sadly, though, i will also be able to say "i turn 30 this year", which aint as great..
  • 30! you're a baby! I'll be turning 42! gad zooks!
  • jadzyjadzy Posts: 638
    Erm i turn 25 next year heh.

    its jsut hit me how much i have to prepare

    Although i am bad

    i just bought 100 organza bags off ebay for £5
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