Ok, trying to be healthy, decided to start eating porridge each morning.

I figured it would be better for me than cereals full of sugar, or with artificial ingredients.

I've just checked the packaging and it says it is 8% FAT??

I just dont understand how porridge, presumably just oats, is 8% fat.

Am i being naive?? I thought i was being a good girl.

i know that if it stops me snacking, etc, it is good for me. i'm just surprised at the amount of fat.


  • there's different types of fat, some fats are actually good for you, porridge is fine and its slow burning so you feel fuller longer and porridge oats actually help with low moods too! its a miracle food! : )
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    is it instand porridge you have perhaps? you just need go get the oats.. i like mine with skimmed milk and honey and blueberries! yum,
  • no its proper oats, thats why i was so surprised! i have tried the instant stuff before though, and wasnt impressed!
  • peachpieukpeachpieuk Posts: 4,813
    I'm suprised at that!

    It must surely be a good fat as I'm pretty sure that oats contain soemthing that is good for the heart.

    It's nice if you stir some sultanas in to it while cooking, also some chopped apple. Hubby loves it, but I can't eat it as it doesn't agree with me image
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    hmm well like flowerfairy says, its probably good fats, are you lookign at total fats or saturated fats? saturated should be low.
  • tesco porridge oats, 8g of fat per 100g. i know its probably "good" fats, and even if not that the "bad" fats in porridge are better than the bad fats and sugars in the biscuits i'd inevitably eat instead. just surprising..
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    it will be fine just have some!
  • i wish still watched my fats!! Im just get old and fat now Im married!! : ) !
  • oh mrs flowerfairy thats the problem - wedding dress diet needs me to keep an eye on them! have put on over a stone since we got engaged, and that was only six months ago! eeeeeeekkk!
  • i was really good till about 2 months before my wedding then i just went mad!! i was eating so much! i think its the stress! : )
  • i've already told h2b that the minute we're married i'm going to give up and start eating everything in the house. i think he's scared i'll eat him as well.
  • Porridge makes me more hungry later on
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