Punk fancy dress hair help!!!

Hi, a group of us are going out tonight and dressing up as punks - my outfit is sorted but I don't know what to do with my hair!!! Any ideas? BTW, I have long hair and don't really fancy back combing it all as it will take me all day tomorrow to brush it out!!!


  • How about putting it in a really high ponytail and using strong gel or hairspray to spike bits of it up. Kind of like this:

    Sounds like it'll be a fun night image

  • ceebzzceebzz Posts: 250
    What about french plait? you could then pull stands out and gel them out at different directions to have a kinda funky mohawk. Good luck, crazy dressing up nights are always the best
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    thanks!!! I've got coloured hairspray too so that would look good wouldn't it?!!
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