Stressed - nothing to wear tonight :(

Okay, totally trivial problem, but I'm getting mega-stressed...

Hubby and I are going out for a meal with another couple tonight and I literally have nothing to wear and now I'm getting super stressed image

Hubs bought me a gorgeous dress from monsoon for chrimbo, but I put it on on xmas day and the zip hadn't been stitched on properly. I returned it and got the money back and bought a top and trousers from m&s. This is the top:

The trousers I bought (just plain black ones) have been tried on at home today to find that they too have faulty stitching on the zip.

Nothing else in my wardrobe goes with the top. My black pencil skirt looks funny, my black cropped trousers look funny, my poofy skirt looks crazy and nothing else is the right colour. I have jeans, but it's quite a posh restaurant we're going to and jeans just don't seem like the right thing (plus it's nye - should be fun getting all dolled up!).

Grrrrrrr! I hate clothes!

Hubs has gone for a haircut and I think I'm going to try and sweet talk him into taking me shopping again, but the way my luck's going it'll probably just be another disaster.

Oh gosh! Don't I feel sorry for myself! Aplogies ladies. I'm sure you've all been there though! Totally needed to vent and men just don't get it do they image



  • tell me about it!! just found out that my kids wont be in tonight so as its a rarity on NYE h2b wants to go out when he's finished work, because its short notice i havent got a clue what to wear!! we'll be going by the river near the london eye and its gonna be packed and i cant be arsed! Your top is lovely by the way! would it be possible to stitch the zip on your trousers?
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    I think smart straight legged jeams would be acceptable if you wear sexy heels and carry a pretty clutch bag!

    PS - Love that top! image x
  • Mrs flowerfairy - it's a nightmare isn't it! Would love to stitch the trousers but I'm not exactly a dab hand in the sowing department image Good luck with your outfit hunt. If your avatar is anything to go by, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in anything image

    Soon to be a missus - hmmm might try the jeans, but I don't exactly have any sexy heels - am normally a flats girl as hubby is same height as me. Suppose could go shoe shopping instead of trouser shopping. Would probably be less depressing, lol!

    Thanks girls xxx
  • thanks Mrs-A! its a small picture! image if you a pair of dark jeans Im sure that would be fine even with flats, just do lovely earrings or maybe a long necklace? Razzle Dazzle em thats my motto!
  • ceebzzceebzz Posts: 250
    I'm with you, ordered a perfect Lipsy dress from and it was supposed to be here yesterday and still hasn't arrived.....grrrr!
  • Oh no ceebzz! There's still time, if it was supposed to be here yesterday, it'll probably come day. Will keep my fingers crossed for you image

  • oh bummer ceebzz!
  • Just been to M&S to return the trousers and bought myself a pair of lovely shoes to wear instead!

    Got these but in the grey colour:

    they look fab with my jeans and should go really well with my top.

    Thank heavens for M&S!

    Yay! Crisis over image Can look forward to getting all dolled up now!!

    Hope all you other ladies having fashion crises manage to get sorted too!

  • Im loving those shoes!! Ive managed to have a bath, put on a tracksuit and put my curlers on to heat and have come back on here! He's gonna kill me if Im not ready when he gets in from work! image
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Love the shoes!!!! relaly nice! wouldnt mind some myself. Have a fab eve! by the way love the top too! happy new year! xxx
  • ceebzzceebzz Posts: 250
    Love the shoes!

    Still no asos dress so trying to find something else to hoo!
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