whats evreyone up to 2nite?

whats everyone up to 2nite?

Me and h2b are going cinema early eve and then we coming home to a lovely meal, nibbles loads of wine and watch a fillm or something on tv. I really looking faward to a nice eve in together!!!



  • We are also having a quiet evening in together the champagne is chilling in the fridge. i suppose it could be good to have a last "single" new year before our 2009 wedding but we really could nt be bothered. we would rather have couple time x x
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    My h2b is working until 11.20pm (police officer!) so I am going over to my parents to chill out and hopefully he will meet us there just before midnight. He was sick over christmas hols and now working over new year hols so I do feel like I have had my last single xmas and new year!

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • Same here, we are having a nice meal, ive decorated the room and laid the table nice. Will just have lots of champagne and wine together.
  • Im having a quiet night in aswel with family my h2b is in germany with army working this new year so wont see him until middle of january. i'v got work tomorrow morning volunteered to work thinking of the double pay and paid day off lol!

    hope everyone has a good new years eve!
  • Chinese take-away and the wii, MIL is coming over to us, didn't want her to spend it alone. Massive brownie points for me!!!
  • smiler46smiler46 Posts: 1,289
    We're also staying in!! We are having a lovely sirloin steak each, chips, peas and onion rings (yum!!), then we'll just chill out for the rest of evening.. Cannot be arsed going out anymore on NYE, it's too busy and well expensive - much prefer to have a nice quiet evening at home.. Also, last NYE as a non married woman!!! This time nxt year, we'll have been married nearly 6 months!! scary!!! LOL..

    Happy New Year to you all and enjoy what ever you are doing..

    S-46 : ) xx
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Chinese takeaway sounds lovely! not cooking like the sounds of that! ha ha.

    Me and h2b are having a joint part in cooking our meal! so looking faward to it.!!

    All enjoy 2nite! and happy new year! xx
  • loobyveeloobyvee Posts: 1,022
    I have to go out image I'm working at the future in laws pub tonight until 2.30am.
  • smiler46smiler46 Posts: 1,289
    Chinese take-away and the wii, MIL is coming over to us, didn't want her to spend it alone. Massive brownie points for me!!!

    LOL at the brownie points comment!!! Well Done you!!

    We have had so much fun on our Wii over the xmas break!! We got the Wii fit for xmas - and oh boy has it generated some fearsome competitions in our house!!!!!!!!

    Have fun and enjoy image image

    S-46 xx
  • i would love to stay in!! we have ended up without the kids tonight which doesnt usually happen on NYE and plus the fact my husband's shifts cancel a few out (he's a fireman) so he wants to go up west and paint the town red before the fireworks! Dont know what to wear and could quite easily snuggle up! but hey, Im sure I'll manage after a few!! : )
  • MummyJCMummyJC Posts: 902
    my mum has our little dude over night at his request!! (he's almost 4 but going on 14!!) so we may go out and see some friends or just stay home and revel in the piece!!

    happy last new year as a miss to all those marrying in 2009!!

    282 days to go!!

  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793
    ahh glad im not the only one staying in,cant bear the thought of going out in town tonight!!!

    we are cooking an indian,and have lots of wine,it will also be our 1st NYE as marrieds!
  • Meldx1Meldx1 Posts: 865
    We are having a house party, though am still in my pj's have been ill all of xmas with cold etc so really cannot be bothered tonight either but am sure after a few drinks I'll be up for partying!! Didn't want to cancel as went on and on at h2b to have a party and make the most of this new year as hopefully will be preggers for next new year if we are lucky enough!!

    anyway hope you's all have a fab night whether out or in

  • cloe1981cloe1981 Posts: 779
    We are staying in and having a meal at home, we are cooking Roast Duck with Plum sause and Home made chips and salad and Prawn cocktails for starters. No pudding though cos I dont think we will get it all down us as I am having some Malibu and Cokes with cocktail cherries which i cant stop eating yum yum.
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    wow!!! sounds yummy Kaz!!

    I would lvoe to be having a party! but then i love a eve in snuggled with h2b. Maybe next year ahve a party. This is the last year before becoming a mrs!!! image really excited! doesnt seem real yet! xx
  • only 7 hours to go until I can say to h2b, we get married this year!! ( he will be thrilled ha ha ) quiet night in with family and friends, good luck to all the May 2009 b2bxx
  • EmlarEmlar Posts: 1,581
    we are also having a night in. i have never in all my 24 yrs had a nye in. always always been out somewhere or had ppl round but this yr its just me and h2b a huuuuge chinese takeaway and plenty of drink! hoping we will stay up til 12! lol

    plan on watching omid dijilli (sp?) and sean lock (comedians) dvds too!
  • WE're going to H2Bs uncles house for a party someone in his family always has a party at new year which is great, don't have to get a babysitter as our daughter comes and plays with her cousins all night and it's a cheap night with great company and my mum's coming with us too! image

    Hope everyone has a fab night whatever they're doing! x
  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    we are having a meal- h2b cooking as we speak then got a choc gateaux for afterwards. Then snuggling up and watching a film with lots of alcohol.
  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    We've got some friends coming round for a very civilized dinner party! I've made the canapes & have champagne chilling. We've got tomato & gruyere tartlets for starter, spinach & aubergine curry with pilau rice and naan bread for main, Jamie Oliver's chocolate pots for pudding (so easy to make but look super swish!). Our friends are bringing a cheeseboard & I have got sparklers and more champagne for midnight!!

    I'm all dressed & made up, even painted my nails!!

    Can't wait, guests arriving in 1 hour!!

    Have a great NYE everyone & Happy New Year!
  • Oh man I am soo jealous of every single one of you. All your plans sound brilliant. I will be working night shift from 10 tonight till 7 tomorrow while you are all having fun. Ill need to make sure to make up for it all on my day off tomorrow!!!

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  • emmacorrollemmacorroll Posts: 2,264
    aaahhh, Suzygirl that's no fun! I'll bet you're doing a very worthwhile job though.

    Tell you what, I'll have an extra glass of bubbly & an extra sparkler @ midnight just 4 you!!

  • ceebzzceebzz Posts: 250
    I'm so jealous of u girls getting to spend the night in. We're heading into town with lots of friends and tiredness has hit. Oh and the dress i ordered of asos that was supposed to arrive yest stil hasn't appeared so have to find something to wear...EKE
  • I am sadly working until 8 and then have and hours journey home so no going out for me. H2B has lots of lovely food and wine at home so we'll just be relaxing or playing on the Wii. We got Raving Ramond Rabbit for xmas and it is the funniest game in the world.
  • Well ladies it does seem that "Staying In is the new going out!".

    After 15 NYEs together we will not be stuck on public transport, ripped off by cabs, standing in the cold for hours on end waiting for the Big Ben Bongs or fireworks, queuing for an overpriced pint, paying to get into our local, or partying in someone's kitchen.

    This will be the first NYE as a married couple.

    This will be the first NYE of staying in.

    This will be the first NYE where we end up in our own bed and not on a mate's sofa, floor or airbed, or hotel room.

    We were invited to a few places, but are using the credit crunch and the fact we are now smug old marrieds as a lovely excuse to stay home with the champers and each other.

    Enjoy your plans, parties for two, champers, and for those working may your shifts go swiftly and bother-free.


    Charleygirl & Hubby


  • Hi,

    I would love to be having a night in tonight, but my h2b is working and I wil not see him until 12pm tomorrow. Boo! Instead, I'm going to be heading into town for afew drinks (which I can't be bothered to do as I've been out the last 2 nights). Am dreading standing in the taxi que tonight waiting to come home xxxx
  • We are heading out for a Hogmanay bash at some freinds house then fireworks at the bells.

    Scottish hogmanays are fab and thats alot coming from an English Lassie.

    Good luck, health and happiness to one and all for 2009 and wohoop whoop im soon gonna be saying im getting married to the sexiest scot thats graced this earth this year!

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  • BroodyKateBroodyKate Posts: 2,079
    Evening ladies i'm also stayin in with h2b and also sil2b were having chinese take away, lots of wine, and telly and wii!

    Happy New Year to you all x x x x
  • MrsA86MrsA86 Posts: 997
    I'm staying in alone with a chinese and a bottle of wine as hubby is working image First year ever staying in, 1st New Year as a married woman and 1st New Year alone!

    Got my little girl though who is starting to get tired already so it looks like she'll be sticking to her 7pm bedtime. I've been invited to a few places but really glad I didn't except now as it is sooo cold out there tonight, it was snowing earlier.

    Kind of looking forward to a nice peaceful night of watching crap and being by myself! Happy New Year everyone xx
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