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Hi ,

I've joined a gym yesterday! Yes can you believe it!

I nearly hyperventilated today as I realised I have 235 days to get fit and lose 4 stone by August!

I'd like to do the Slimmingworld again, as I'm a serial Dieter, though I'd Kick my arse into shape aswell!

Does anyone have the basics of the Plan, I Have done this before but just t refresh my memorie.


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  • You have red and green days. Red days you can have as much lean meat and fish as you want, with healthy extra choices for milk/bread/potatoes etc.

    On a green day you can have as much pasta/rice/beans/potaoes as you want with healthy extra choices for milk/bread/protein.

    Anything else is classed as syns, you can have 5-15 a day.

    There are also superfree foods which are free on any day. these are fruit, veg, quorn, fat free yoghurts like muller lights.

    There is a new plan out thsi week tho, that combnes the free foods from both plans.

    Hope that makes sense and i havnt rambled too much!
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