if only...

mmmm, a bit of wishful thinking here. contemplating the whole prospect of having to go back to work next week (yeah i know i'm lucky to be off this week!) but its got me started on the idea of setting up my own business and working for myself. only problem being i'm not particularly business minded, and i dont have a very useful degree (i studied history). so thats got me daydreaming even more about doing my dream jobs, which are entirely unrealisitc! (chocolate taster, running a teddy bear hospital, that kinda thing).

so i guess my prospects are pretty limited, and i'll have to make my packed lunch sunday night as usual.

but if you could work for yourself or do anything you want, what would you do?


  • Would love to organise parties, doing everything, from catering to decorating! x
  • Hi

    What business would you set up? I am sure your local collage would do courses in business management etc if you need some help

  • what i do but for a set amount of money a yea(enough to travel on) , and just working on the days i feel like it!

    or... getting paid huge amounts of money for my verbal opinions of how good destinations and travel experiences are. bit like a mystery traveller!
  • Wedding planner! failing that, an interior decorator (homes only though!)
  • sonia, thats my problem! i dont even know what i'd do. and with it being a recession and all its probably not the best time to get fidgetty. i make it sound like i hate my job - quite the opposite, i love it - its just i'm getting daydreamy as its new year!!
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    I work for myself and run my own business and I love what I do! For me, it was a case of building up lots of contacts!

    But have you considered wedding planning? There's plenty of courses in that subject?

    Or you could become a fitness instructor.

    My business is marketing, PR and copywriting.

    Basically, find something you're good at and exploit your skills! image xxx
  • i want to be a wedding planner. going to business and law in college and then doing an at home course i think. i keep changing my mind lol
  • i would love to do the whole party planning thing too! or id like to be a full time writer
  • I would probably set up a cattery !! I'd love to be a wedding planner, or an interior designer but I would be rubbish at that ! Xx
  • I'm with you travelbab.

    Happy to sample and review travel destinations, and arrange tailor made trips for the budget to discerning traveller.

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