anyone else not bothered about NYE??

dont get me wrong, i'm not an old miseryguts, but i just dont get excited about new years eve. i cant remember the last time i went out to celebrate it, at best i'll go to a modest gathering at a friends house. but usually, we just stay in and i'm lucky if i make it to midnight without nodding off on the sofa!

is there anyone else out there as nonchalant as me, or am i alone on this one...

...oh and to those of you who do love celebrating, i hope you have a great night!!



  • Meeeeeeee!!!!

    I actually hate the day. There's so much pressure to do something special, go out etc.

    I prefer staying in or goin to a friends house. I cant deal with the overly drunk people being sick everywhere and old stinky guys wanting to kiss you at midnight. ekkk.

  • I'm exactly the same! I don't know why and I fell SO boring but I'd rather have a night in then go out partying on New Year's, especially so soon after Xmas! My h2b has gone out with friends today and I can't wait to enjoying watching whatever I want and spending the night on the internet looking at trashy sites, bliss! And it is SOOO cold out there tonight, I am in my pjs with h2bs sweatshirt on with my feet on the radiator, much better than being out in the cold in a skimpy dress!!!
  • bouncy35ukbouncy35uk Posts: 1,416
    i cant be bothered with it, maybe cos our friends keep pressurising us to go out, they dont realise we have a son to look after and cant get a babysitter for NYE !!!
  • i am not alone then! i think part of the reason i dont like is, like johannabride2b says, the pressure that is supposed to be something good. you cant have a crap night out on xmas eve, its supposed to be something great. i'd rather snuggle up inside in my pyjamas, stuffing the last of the quality street before the new year diet starts in the morning!!
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    I don't give a toss! ha ha ha!

    We are in - the three of us - me, h2b and our wonderful friend.

    We have wine and DVDs - another normal night in for us!

  • Nope your not alone im not bothered about it either im not going out tonight iv got dvds and some jacques fruit cider (gone for a light drink) but cant drink alot as i have work in the morning. iv got 31 days to go till i get married some £'s to save aswel.
  • I care so little I have swapped a shift with someone so they can go out and party tonight and I will do their early shift tomorrow! I will be in bed before midnight and up at 4.45 to cycle the 10 miles to work ready for a 9 hour shift!

    Me and h2b went out earlier and had a few drinks were now cooking a curry and will be in bed by 11 latest!

    2009 will be an amazing year for us as we are getting married and hopefully ttc but I dont need to be awake at midnight to celebrate it I just need to make sure I enjoy the year ahead!
  • well, em1303, i hope 2009 turns out great for you! i dont envy your start tomorrow morning though. its going to be icey overnight, so go easy out there! (i sound like someone's mum!)
  • i know the feeling em1303 iv got a 7am start at work tomorrow i usually get bus which is a 10 min ride but as its new years day no buses running so its a 40 min walk for me!
  • haha! H2b is cycling half the way with me and the rest of the way should be safe but thank you for worrying about me a big wooly hat and several layers will be put on to ensure I reach work with ears fingers and toes not frozen off!!!

    Happy new year to you also and may it bring you much happiness!!!!

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  • I dont care about it either, we have invited friends over tonight because you feel you have to have a great night, but tbh I would have happily sat in front of the tv with the left over chocolates and watched a movie.

  • kelly162bkelly162b Posts: 1,793

    we are in tonight with the kids,eldest is up but fading fast,and i am working tomorrow after noon/night!

    last year we were all asleepby 10pm, trying to go further this year but doubt it!!

    hope everyone has a lovely new year anyway x
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    Im not bothered either, havent been out for years now on NYE.

    Its too cold to go out tonight anyway, just had to pop out and get a few things and it was -5 in the car!!
  • I know no buses at all!!!! I have hated the xmas and new yer service I cant get anywhere!!!!

    I start at 7 as well but it is an unwritten rule that it is quarter to the hour and you finish quarter to the hour also.

    So early rise for both of us BUT we will be wide awake by the time we reach work!
  • Ugh. New Years Eve. My only good one was last year when we stayed in, got a takeaway and played on the Wii.

    However, can't wait for tomorrow so I can say I'm gettin married next year!
  • thats true em1303 atleast wel stay warm cycling and walking, iv got a dress fitting in a week so glad of the exercise lol i have to walk back aswel so will be long day for me.
  • Yep cycling back also when I finish at 5 then on nights 2nd 3rd and 4th I must be insane!!!

    I have my first try on on 17th but they have said they will not do a fitting till May for my wedding in june.

    Id not thought of that I can soon say I am getting married THIS year!!!
  • im having my fitting this time round im getting married o the 31st January im so excited if not a liitle stressed lol i think thats why im not that bothered about nye this year.
  • Id be stressed too!!!! Wow that 1 whole month away you must be soooo excited!

    Happy new year and have a lovely wedding xxx
  • Thanks em1301 its not been easy as h2b is in army and has been away alot but nearly there now! Happy new year!
  • Me, we dont bother anymore. it is so over rated. We are having a romantic dinner, champagne, wine and are sourounded by lots of candles xx
  • rosekate15rosekate15 Posts: 2,440
    Well we too are not going out celebrating NY. We are staying in with a nice drink each and as hubby went out yesterday and got himself a contract with O2 and an IPhone I did today. So we are both playing with our new IPhones.

    Happy New Year All
  • MissAnnieukMissAnnieuk Posts: 1,312
    Nope!! Went out last year and everywhere was packed and stuffy and just generally horrible so I said we're not doing that this year. Besides being heavily pregnant its not really practical!!!

    So myself and h2b(and bump!) are staying in, probably watch a dvd or two, he has some Heineken, I have fruit juice, pringles and chocolate!!

    What more would I want??

    Have a good one ladies!! Roll on
  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    I'm not bothered by it either. To me it's just another day in the year.

    As someone said earlier, there is so much pressure to do something "big" on NYE, and whenever I tell people that I didn't do anything they look at me like I'm a leper!

    I'm the Scrooge of New Year I'm afraid!
  • moh89moh89 Posts: 2,883
    I've never been one for celebrating at the New Year..... It's such a big party atmosphere in Edinburgh, always has been and to be honest I avoid the city centre like the plague! LOL

    We're a pair of boring old farts and with having kids, it's a great excuse not to bother! we'll just watch the celebrations on telly and watch the fireworks from the window! maybe a wee baileys in hand! ;\)
  • TomyCTomyC Posts: 761
    Baileys is ALWAYS a good idea. Though am currently guzzling a Kir Royale. Yum
  • Not into NYE, sat here with a bottle of wine doing wedding stuff. Happy new year everyone.image
  • I'm the same! Just got in from seeing the Lion King in London with H2B (my xmas pressie)! We thought about staying up there but thought better of it!! So we are at home he is ironing and I am baking cookies for our nephews birthday tomorrow!!! Thats much more important than new year!!

  • seffielseffiel Posts: 1,729
    i'm in with my h2b and mum and dad watching meet the fockers!! can't be ar*ed going out!
  • TomyCTomyC Posts: 761
    What flavour cookies snowflake?
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