the wrong boleyn girl

my christmas list included the dvd of the film "the other boleyn girl" which was released last year and had scarlet johansen and natalie portman in it.

unfortunately, h2b in his efforts to save the pennies bought me the 2003 bbc version, and not the 2008 film version! we wathced it this afternoon and i didnt know if i should say anything or not. so i didnt. i could tell he was a bit confused by it all, as i had explained when i asked for it that it was a new film and he'd like it cos it had pretty ladies in it - i could tell he was somewhat bemused!

it was very good, i wont knock it, just not quite what i was expecting!


  • lol bless him atleast hes thinking of saving £'s wish my h2b was more like that lol i love that film to its great i rented it from blockbusters a couple of weekends ago i love period films. you could always try amazon i actually saw it in tesco before christmas for £4.00 in there price blitz section.
  • CurlylydCurlylyd Posts: 1,465
    Ha Ha, that's made me laugh! sounds just like something my h2b would do!

    tell him you loved it, so you would liketo read the book now too. It's much better anyway!

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