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Braehead Wedding Show this weekend - 2for1

Hi ladies. I have an email which is a voucher for the wedding show at Braehead this weekend. All you have to do is print off the voucher and take it to the ticket office at the show. The voucher is 2 for 1. If anyone wants me to email it to them leave me your email address. I wouldnt want it to go to waste x


  • That would be great. My email is [email protected]

    Thanks image
  • tracyod82tracyod82 Posts: 609
    Hiya could you e-mail it to me too please!! my e-mail button is activated.

    Thanks xxxxx
  • drea1508drea1508 Posts: 354
    OOh am I too late or can you send it to more than one person?

    my email button should be active


  • Am i too late? My email address is [email protected]

  • tracyod82tracyod82 Posts: 609
    Hey you can take me off the list, I managed to get two free tickets!!! I got my tickets through the company who I have been enquiring about cakes with. So if anyone doesnt have thier cake and wants to enquire and maybe get some free tickets e-mail me. xxx
  • Hi ladies. You should have mail. If you dont get it let me know and ill send it again.

    Mrsrichtea2b - i emailed you via YAYW so if you dont get it just give me your address and ill forward it again.

  • drea1508drea1508 Posts: 354
    oh no I didnt get any email and I came onto check in case it was a link or something beforeI head off there this morning and found this! argh! I guess it's too late but thanks anyway

  • O thats a shame. Sorry Mrsrichtea2b x
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