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Can you ice a wedding cake without marzipan?

biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
My mother is making my wedding cake - 3 tiers - chocolate, lemon sponge and another unknown yet. She thinks that she can't make it without marzipan because the cake will bleed into the icing.

Does anyone know what I can use instead of marzipan as I hate its taste? Thanks.


  • TANYA1085TANYA1085 Posts: 413
    Yes you can , you cakn ice the cake twice intead of using marzipan.
  • biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
  • supertabbysupertabby Posts: 1,125 New bride
    For the fruit cake boil a little jam with some water, then spread onto the fruit cake to create a bind. Then use a thicker than normal layer of icing.

    For sponge cake use buttercream instead of jam and water. Still go with the thick layer of icing.
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    There is also marzipan equivelants as thats what i'm using as 1. I can't stand Marzipan either and 2. I have a few people with nut allergies.



    2 ounces margarine

    2 tablespoons water

    2-3 teaspoons of vanilla essence

    4 ounces sugar or golden syrup

    4 ounces soya flour

    Melt marg in water, add essence and sugar or syrup, then soya flour, mix all together. Turn on to a board and knead well. Roll out and use as required.


    You can make a nut-free marzipan following this recipe image


    5 oz semolina,

    5 oz icing sugar (sifted),

    2 tsp custard powder,

    1 egg white (lightly beaten),

    2 tsp vanilla extract


    Mix semolina,icing sugar and custard powder in bowl.

    Gently mix in egg white and vanilla into your dry mix until you have a firm paste.

    Also, it's only fruit cake that would bleed through the icing so you could use a clear jam or marmelade to stick the icing to the cake
  • abudukabuduk Posts: 565
    I'm allergic to nuts, so no marzipan for me, but I will be having wedding cake - When I make an iced fruit cake I heat some apricot jam to brush over the cake before the icing
  • you can actually get apricot glaze which holds the icing to the cake instead of using marzipan.

    I use it on a lot of my cakes. It's far better than using jam. jam has a tendancy to run through icing, and doesn't always stick to the cake.

    Oh to have my own cake shop!
  • yes but dont! or if you do, use 2 layers of icing, as it will discolour. Follow the apricot glaze tip too, or else you will find the icing peeling away from your cake.
  • Tracie12Tracie12 Posts: 2

    I am making my daughters wedding cake in sponge but not sure how to royal ice without marzipan. We don't like marzipan & there are a few with allergies. Also we find roll out icing too sweet. 

    Any suggestions will be appreciated

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    You'll need to crumb coat it with buttercream, do another coat of buttercream to get a smooth finish, then cover in apricot glaze, then sugarpaste. x

  • Tracie12Tracie12 Posts: 2

    Sorry don't want sugarpaste it's too sweet. We want to royal ice the cakes.

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