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Interflora - ARGH!

Evening ladies,

I'm a little annoyed with Interflora to say the least!

On Saturday, I ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my Mum at work on Monday, along with a box of chocolates. She's been feeling a bit down lately so sent them to her to cheer her up. Or at least that was the intention.

Now, my Mum is the sort of person who would say thank you as soon as she receives a gift. So, by 6 o'clock on Monday evening and I still hadn't had a thanks, I knew she hadn't received them. So I dropped Interflora an email to enquire where my Mum's flowers were.

I got an email back today telling me that they had been delivered to a house with a very long driveway. Great, but my Mum doesn't work at a house with a long driveway! The florists didn't think to check if they had the right address or person and just left the flowers with completely the wrong person.

I have just sent them a rather snotty email explaining to them that they definitely haven't been delivered (I have also put in a complaint by phone). I have demanded that the flowers get delivered tomorrow, by which time by Mum will be feeling a lot better & the sentiment is gone!

I am more than a little annoyed by this it's safe to say.

Anyway, after this rant, my question is this. Is it up to me to prove they were delivered to the wrong address or them to prove it was right?

Also, am I within my rights to ask for money back?

I haven't used Interflora before this & will certainly think twice before using them again.

Sorry for the long rant, I just feel really quite let down by them!

Any advice would be brilliant xx


  • tina2008uktina2008uk Posts: 689
    Just wrote a long reply and its gone! argh!

    What i was saying was i dont think they'll do anything. they never bothered with my complaint and i even threatened to go to trading standards - thats when they wrote back saying its not their mistake but the florists fault. I had ordered an exquisit bouquet of roses and lilys and what h2b got were bloody carnations, that too wilted! They ended up putting the blame on me and when i showed them the receipt etc - there was no reply from them. All i can say is, try and see if they can refund your money. good luck!
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    My hubby has ordered flowers from interflora for me before twice, and both times they have mucked up.

    The first time they didn't turn up at all. They should have been delivered to work on valentines day last year and I turned up home without them, hubby said where are the flowers and I said what flowers. He rung them and went mad and they then came half an hour later to the house but by then the surprise was gone. He was so disappointed.

    This year on valentines I got two lots of flowers. He ordered two lots but different arrangements and I got two arrangements exactly the same.

    I bet I don't get any next year.

  • Vicky44ukVicky44uk Posts: 325
    I'd take it all the way, have a look at the consumer direct website, they are really helpful. I would have thought it would be up to them to prove they were delivered. Did you pay with a credit card? maybe you could have a refund through them though I know this really doesn't help the way you have been treated.
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    my dad never used to have problems with them before, but two months ago, he ordered some for his sisters birthday,, since we werent going to see her, and he never heard a thankyou, turned out she never even got them, he doesnt know what happened to them tried again, and same thing happened. dont know what he did about it though,
  • i dont know what's going on but my dad had this problem, i have used them several times without any hassle so recommended them to my dad for his sisters 50th birthday...i wish i hadn't he ordered the flowes on the thursday for the saturday called my auntie on the sat night asked her what she got flowers = 1 angry dad and 1 upset auntie!

    he called interflora who said they had been delivered but not dispatched they would send her a simple bouquet till hers turned up.

    When my uncle came home from work at 5pm he was greeted by a dead bunch of flowers my dad was back on the blower asking what had happened and why after spending £40 on flowers he was being treated like this!

    the woman was very apologetic and offered my auntie a fresh bunch of flowers a gift voucher and her original bouquet my dad thanked her but also said he was dissaopinted as the day had been and gone and he wouldnt be using there services again! she said he would recieve flowers and a gift voucher also and a letter of appology

    my auntie recieved her fowers and voucher but my dad never got his or letter.

    i'm quite gutted as i was planning to use them as the presents to mums and BM's at the wedding

    keep on at customer services there will be one person working there who will listen to you.
  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    get on to trading standards as well, as this seem to be happening quite a lot,maybe there's something that they can do about it??
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