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Has anyone use the Garnier roll-on eye thingy?

Does it work? Have you seen noticeable results?

I don't want to spend the money on one if it doesn't really do what it says it does.


  • BlytheukBlytheuk Posts: 243
    I've got one - have only had it a couple of days though, so can't really say yet whether it works! But I thought it was worth a go, given the dark rings that are generally under my eyes...!
  • I know loads off people who rave about this. Never tried it but apparently brilliant x
  • I got one when ias half price ages ago in Boots, it felt nice and cool but unfortunately it didn't do anything for me image

  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I've never used it, but walked past Superdrug today and they had a poster saying it's half price at the moment x
  • juls1888juls1888 Posts: 413
    I got one half price from Tesco with my shopping a few weeks ago. I love it and have noticed a big difference.
  • I love the product for its cooling effect, makes my tired eyes feel less gritty but I didnt notice much difference in the dark circles unfortunately! xxx
  • JoanneCleggJoanneClegg Posts: 106
    I agree with missvic and shortcake - it feels really nice and cool, great for soothing tired eyes, but didn't do anything for me in terms of dark circles.
  • meerkat05meerkat05 Posts: 590
    i got one- but keep forgetting to use it! so i havent noticed a big dofference

  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    What about bags under the eyes? Thats what i normally get rather than dark circles.

    I do get very dry gritty tired eyes so think i may get one esp if they're half price in Superdrug at the mo
  • Again I didnt notice the difference other than the soothing feel but my mum raves about it as she hates the bags under her eyes and she reckons it tightens the area up when she uses it xxx
  • sarah061081sarah061081 Posts: 136
    I got one but found it dried the area out under my eyes. Damn my sensitive skin. Also didn't do anything for my black bits. I got a Nivea age defying eye cream when I was in Dubai, not sure if you can get it here and found that worked great. ALthough it probably has loads of things in it shouldn't if you can't get it here!!
  • jbenny23jbenny23 Posts: 126
    Hi, i know this might sound a bit strange but hemorroid cream is AMAZING for getting rid of bags under your eyes. I have them really bad somedays and find this is the only thing that works!
  • FireworkukFireworkuk Posts: 123
    Hi. I have one too. Nice and cooling as said by others but no real improvement! I'm guessing nothing really beats a good 8 hrs sleep! XX
  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride
    I was just about to say that too mrsMurf,, good old pile cream is a great fix when your eyes are really baggy .

    I am yet to find a product that really does work on dark circles ...... And bags.

    Thats why plastic surgeons are doing a roaring trade ... lol xx

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