Stretch marks and loose skin?

Does anyone else have any trouble with either of these? I'm trying to get some more opinions on the best ways to tackle them. I have the main problem with both on my stomach, the stretch marks aren't coloured, they're now more like deepish indentations all round my belly button, mostly above but some below. Also have the pale silvery kind down the insides of my arms and some across my back on the waistline. Has anyone tried any miracle treatments or is there no way really of ever getting rid? I currently have bio oil. I've had them 6-7 yrs now aswell. Just want to feel happy in a bikini on honeymoon. Same with loose skin on my stomach, like when you bend over it sags a bit, and have some top inside thigh too, if anyone has suggestions for this too then please share, have tried so many things but maybe this is unhelpable too? image

ps its cos i gained and lost a few stone in a really short space of time when i was in late teens, Ive not even been through childbirth.

Thanks girls.

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  • batmanda1982batmanda1982 Posts: 2,682
    Hi there,

    I feel your pain! I have stretchmarks everywhere!

    I was really tall and from the age of about 12, I've had them on my back, hips and behind my knees and inside my thighs. Since I've gained a more 'womanly' figure, Ive got them on my arms, stomach, boobs - honestly everywhere!!

    I am only a couple of stone overweight and have not had children, so I've just accepted mine are part of who I am - most of mine are silvery, but the ones on my stomach are fairly new and are very purple.

    I'm only really worried about the ones on my stomach for bikini season - I am unaware of anything that can really be done for them, so if anyone knows any miracle cures, I'd love to know too!

    I usually just rely on a bit of fake tan to cover the silvery ones

  • NatalieRedB2BNatalieRedB2B Posts: 494

    I have stretch marks as well from gaining/losing weight. I have tried bio oil and palmers coco butter which both seem to improve the appearance although it's no miracle cure! A few years ago I had several Microdebrasion treatments, called 'crystal clear'. I had very red/purple stretchmarks on my boobs and hips that I was really consious of and it really helped to fade these. It took several treatments though which worked out quite costly and it was a little bit painful. The marks hadn't quite gone by the end of the treatment but it definetly helped speed the process. x
  • js_lolajs_lola Posts: 1,811
    I have a few under my belly button from my pregnancy. I use bio oil and Cocoa Body Butter from the Body Shop. I find if I skip my moisturising I can see them but when I stick with it the're hardly noticeable. I moisturise (or try to) about 3 times a day. I alo find using a fake tan in my moituriser help reduce the appearence.

  • Thanks for the advice! That's the things with all these products they recommend for them, some are very costly and do they even work? It's be real nice change to find something that actually did!
  • batmanda1982batmanda1982 Posts: 2,682
    I have been having some face peels at my local SK:N clinic and the advice they have given me about my skin has always been very useful and more to the point, everything they've told me to do has worked...

    Although my treatments were for acne, they do laser treatments for stretch marks that might be out of your budget but this page mentions some topical treatments that you can buy at your local clinic too - might be worth a look?

    I was a bit dubious when I first went for treatment but my skin is amazing since seeing them - I'm delighted with what they have done for me!

  • Leeanne73Leeanne73 Posts: 3,698
    Oh yes i have both of these big style,i have recently lost 4 stone but wasnt exercising,i use the wii fit and its helping a bit i think.
  • sylvia17sylvia17 Posts: 1

    I  bought this product for my teen daughter who has developed stretch marks on her thighs as she has grown. She has been terribly self-conscious of this and we have tried everything. I thought I would give it one last try, and I am thrilled that I did. She has used dermelastic serum about a week now and the difference is dramatic.This is amazing and really works on stretch marks and scars. I love it!

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