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Long distance

anyone having a long distance engagement?

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  • Katie88ukKatie88uk Posts: 535
    hey juliana. i am, and its horrible isnt it?

    i see my finace every 2 weeks, how often do you see yours? its hard sometimes, when all you want to do is be near them and to do that you have to travel god knows how many hours.

    hope your ok.

    katie x
  • Hi, Katie,

    Thank you very much for writing, I thought I am the only one like this..

    I saw my H2B in May, wedding is in August. I live in Europe, he is in U.S, can't even call him whenever I want because of the time difference. It is terrible, but, we have known each other for 3 years already, spent every second month together, so not that bad is just that I wish he would be here now, with me, planning the wedding and so on..well, but we have only 49 days to go till wedding and in 5 weeks I'll see him..after that..we will be together always!image

    When and where is your wedding? Who is helping you with planning?

    i am almost done with mine.write back, it's nice to know there is someone out there who understands you..we can't wine to our H2B all the time!image



  • jholtuk1jholtuk1 Posts: 77
    Hang on in there! I'm not having a long distance engagement but for the first 3 years we were together, I was living here and h2b was living in Holland (he's Dutch). We saw each other every 6-8 weeks and it was horrible! Can't imagine what it would be like to have a huge time difference too - at least it's only 1 hour between here and europe. He managed to get a job over here in December last year and we've been living together since then. It's bliss! and definitely worth the wait!

    It's hard when there aren't others in the same situation. Most of my friends asked my why I was bothering and didn't think it was as important as having a fella round the corner. But we were strong, now we're together properly and getting married next year! image

    Good luck!

  • susiequksusiequk Posts: 229
    hi I'm having a long distance engagment!

    I last saw my fiance for 3 weeks in arpil!! before that it was new year! when we got engaged! so we have only spent about 4 weeks together in toatal during our engemntent!

    it is really hard as he is in the caribbean so the time difference makes it hard to talk. we sometimes go days without even talking!! i really miss him. also when everyone is giving my stress this end he's not here to help.

    also he's limited as to how much he can help as he can't phone round any where or visit any place and so it sometimes it puts alot on me but i know there's not much he can do!!

    no one seems to realise how hard it is one being so far apart and also when trying to organise a wedding. Some of hte things you just need to sit down together and sort out. music for example!

    well it's now 9 days till i move out to be with him!! i can not wait!!! getting so excited!!!!

    good luck all you long distant B2B's

  • xana777xana777 Posts: 63
    Hi girls!!

    Also I????m having a long distance one.. I work in Germany, he leaves in Spain and getting married in England... imagine the mess!

    We try to see eachother every month and a half but is not enough... we were living together before and then the distance.. very hard. Anyway after one year living abroad we decided to get married because even in this situation we feel we are a strong couple!

    So, it????s nice to see that there are other that can really understand how it is!!


  • Hi, girls!

    Sorry, I haven't visited this chat for a long time..I was busy, then ill, then busy again..How are your wedding preparations going? When and where do you, long distance brides get marry?

    I am from Estonia and H2B lives in New-York, yeah, a really long distance, I knowimage Wedding is August 25th in Tallinn, my hometown. Just finished making favors for guests, so we are pretty much covered with everything by now..

    H2B will arrive on August 13th, you know, this count down that this web-site has- days to go till wedding?..well, I feel that I have set it the wrong way- all I care about is how many days are left until I see my H2B, not the actual wedding day reallyimage

    Do you mind sharing how you guys met?
  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    I am!

    My fella went to work in Germany for a month in April - which resulted in me visiting him and him proposing image

    He came back at the end of the month and then got asked to go back out for 6-12 months! So we're seeing each other every 2ish weeks - either me going out there or him coming back here which isn't ideal, but it could be a lot worse!

    He's getting internet installed this week so we're going to get Skype to chat to each other which will be fab - and FREE!

    He'll be back a couple of months before our wedding though - he better be! lol!
  • We met 3,5 years ago in Berlin, was love at first sight, actually, we were together just one day, then he had to leave for New- York where he lives. 5 months later I visited him in NY for the first time and since then we have been travelling back and forth to see aech other (I live in Estonia).

    He got down on his knee on December 28th last year late at night in our NY apartment. We had a grand engagement party on New Year's Eve.

    I am so happy, although we can't plan our wedding together,but i am telling myself that since he had so much trouble preparing a wonderful proposal and engagement party for me, it is only fair that I am on my own with wedding preparation!
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