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Advice on epilating???

Hi girls

I wondered if anhyone could help with some advice on epilating?

I have never epilated before and I don't want to march out and waste money on one if I will use it once, decide it's not worth it and never use it again!

Can anyone tell me does it really hurt? I know it plucks the hairs from the route so like waxing only waxing does it all in one go whereas epilting obviously doesn't - is the pain basically like plucking every individual hair on your legs/underarms one by one?

I normally shave but I have had my bikini line, legs and underarms waxed - I normally get them waxed before I go off on holiday so I don't have to worry about shaving every day. This year however I have not bothered growing my hair long enough to get it waxed as with the heat waves we've had recently I have wanted to wear skirts and vest tops to work and obviously that means shaving. So now it's one week before my hol and I am wondering what I can try to prevent taking my razor and shaving every bloody morning.

Can anyone tell me how much it hurts, what the best epilators are out there, how long it takes, benefits/downsides, the average cost of an epilator etc - any advice/tips you have for me so I can decide whether to rush out tomorrow and buy one? Also do you have to grow your hairs like you do when you get waxed?

Thanks girls x


  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    I couldn't bear to epilate if I had to start from scratch and do the whole lot all at once, but what I did was go for a leg wax, then maintain it by epilating it as soon as some of the hairs start to grow back. That way you're never doing more than a few hairs at once!

    I've got used to the pain and I don't really feel it anymore.

    Good luck! x
  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    It does hurt but it is bearable. A different kind of pain than waxing but if you can cope with waxing you should cope with epilating. It gets much shorter hairs than waxing aswell.

    Some epilators come with an ice pack so you can numb the area first.

    Good luck x
  • Hi there,

    I epilate my arms reguarly and honestly this doesn't hurt at all, however I did try it on my legs and the very first time I did it took me 1 hour to do 1 half leg - it hurt a lot (although I have been shaving my legs for over 12 years so that probably didn't help), I then maintained it by epilating every few days which meant it didn't hurt very much - because there weren't many hairs and it was also far quicker. I did end up giving up epilating my legs, not because of the pain but due to the number of ingrown hairs which were really deep and I could only get out with a pin. My epilator does have a beginner head with less tweezers on which does make it far less painful but obviously takes a long time.


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  • beccx51beccx51 Posts: 323
    Hi there,

    I've been epilating since Christmas - i got my h2b to buy me one as a present! I had shaved for years and my skin was getting really sensitive which is why I decided to try it. It is painful but not nearly as painful as waxing though in m opinion. The first time you do it it hurts the most because you're working with a whole leg of hair. After that it hurts less as it grows back at different rates so you're never dealing with an entire leg. It's never painfree though but it's bearable, especially if you do it after a shower when your pores are open.

    You don't have to wait for the hairs to grow back as long as with waxing but my issue is that it never gets rid of all your hairs - there's always a few little ones left behind. You can't always see them but my legs never feel as amooth as they did when I shaved. I wouldn't go back though as my skin isn't as sensitive as it was when I shaved. The other thing is that it takes quite a while and you can't do it in the shower like you can with shaving!

    I can't remember how much mine was but it's a Braun one with about 5 different heads and a light which is really handy and shows you if you've missed any hairs along the way.

    Overall I wouldn't got back to shaving and I thought it better to spend money on an epilator rather than go to a salon to get waxed every few weeks which over the course of the year would be way more expensive.

    Good luck x
  • bexappealbexappeal Posts: 534
    Thanks for your replies girls! Maybe the situation I'm in right now epilating is not the best option? I shaved yesterday all over and was intending now not to shave until the night before I leave (next Thursday night) so all my hairs have had a chance to grow. Was then thinking of using some home wax strips but I have used these in the past and they don't really work so didn't hold out much hope - that's why I thought then about epilating instead but judging by what you girls have said its very time consuming and painful when you start. It would take me the full week to grow the hairs long enough to epilte them meaning I would have to epilate on the eve of my hol and I don't really fancy sitting there all night in agony for hours! Especially when I'll have peop,e round who are moving into our house while we're away to mind the dogs for us! I'm sure they won't want to join in my epilating experience!
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