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Sunny Hen Weekends

Does anybody have any suggestions for a sunny hen weekend in late July? We would like to be close to a beach and nightlife. Ibizia springs to mind but wondered if there were any alternatives?


  • lizuklizuk Posts: 16
    How about Barcelona? You've got the city and the beach right next door. I know someone who went recently and she raved about it. Might be worth a look. Good luck!
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I'm doing a very sunny hen do in July in Nottingham!!! Well at least I hope the sun better do or else I want my money back!!! So many ladies to organise that it is easier to do this country.
  • My hen weekend starts on Friday and I can't wait.

    I decided in the end to go to Benidorm cause I really didn't have a clue where to go. Part of my decision making for Benidorm was because it will be like having a cheesy girly night out and my aunty and uncle have a bar out there (cheap alcohol!) and I have never been to visit since they moved out a few years ago, so this way my aunty can join in the fun and my cousins can see their Mam and Dad which I thought they would like.

    With the Barcelona suggestion it is a lovely place I have been a couple of times, once with my H2B and then last July on a hen do. On the hen do I noticed that if you go to the bar areas the drinks are quite expensive, so you need to take plenty of money.

    On the hen do trip though I was put off from going again as there is a lot of crime, same with most places I assume. I won't bore you with the detail but on the hen do at least three people (including the hen) were victims of some sort of crime. I also know a fair few other people that have been and had passports stolen, been mugged etc. Like I say, same with most places but it is something to consider I think when choosing your destination.
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