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Did ur H2b ask your dad's permission?

I'm recently engaged and i just wondered how many H2bs honoured the old tradition of asking the father's permission to marry his daughter?

My dad lives far away and when my man proposed, i asked him to write my dad a letter asking for his blessing. I knew he would appreciate the gesture and feel included.

I think it's quite a nice tradition, what do u guys think?


  • MIne did and my Dad was soooo happy....he is very soppy with old tradition like that...I didn't mind if my hubby did or didn't but I was actually very moved that he did, it meant a lot to me that he did that...must be very nerve wracking x
  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    my hubby asked my mom and step dad and my real dad. as i lived with my mom n step dad he felt this was the right thing to do. i think its a nice tradition and i think they were please he asked them
  • EMJ2BEMJ2B Posts: 934
    Yes my h2b went to my dad's showroom one Thursday night...we were due to fly to Gran Canaria on the Friday where he was going to propose. I had absolutely no idea.

    He went to see my dad, asked his permission and showed him the ring. He told me he was quite nervous but my dad was great and approved! yay!

    I'm quite a traditional girl at heart so I think it is important to ask. There are many people who feel that they do not belong to thier father so permission is not necessary but I think both my dad and I would have been a bit upset if he didn;t ask.

  • PurpleMuffinukPurpleMuffinuk Posts: 1,385
    Mine asked my Dad via facebook LOL!

    I am sure it is going to be mentioned in the speech. Not very conventional but there you go image
  • RetroNikkiRetroNikki Posts: 446
    yes my h2b did... my dad has never let on that he did tho!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Yeah, my h2b asked my dad. I was clearing out my flat, and my h2b took my dad for a pint. They came back and my dad said, 'so, you're getting engaged then' LOL

  • MrsCole2011MrsCole2011 Posts: 155
    Mines asked my mum and dad together, and my mum managed to keep it a secret for 6 weeks! My dad then gave him a glass of his extra special beer he has, so that was his deal of approval!
  • NowmrscarlyoNowmrscarlyo Posts: 851
    Yea my h2b ask my dad and mum, and showed them the ring on the night he proposed he showed my mum and dad the ring so everyone knew he was gonna proposed on the night before me. image
  • RosieodukRosieoduk Posts: 366
    We were holidaying in Spain with my family and my H2B asked my Dad how he would feel about him asking me to be with wife and my Dad told him to ask the 'Mrs' (my mum) lol What a romantic my Dad is eh?
  • If you have a strong relationship with your dad I believe it is only right that he is given his place and asked. My fiance asked my pop who was very pleased to give him his blessing image
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Mine didn't as he didn't trust my dad not to say anything!! I was the only person he asked lol!! xx
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    Mine didn't as he didn't trust my dad not to say anything!! I was the only person he asked lol!! xx
  • rose_red1986rose_red1986 Posts: 464
    wopw, quite a lot of people said yes, i thought i was the only one that was so old fashioned... yay, i'm glad XD
  • VellageVellage Posts: 111
    Breaking the trend it seems, but my H2B did not ask my Dad and nor would I have wanted him to!

    My Dad and I are incredibly close, I tell him everything and he knew before I think I did that I'd marry my soon to be hubby, but whenever the subject of marriage came up in conversation with my H2B I made it very clear that he was not to ask Dad's permission although he wanted to.

    My Dad brought me up to be independent and headstrong and passionate, and always said that I should live my life as if I was constantly being followed by paparazzi - basically if I was doing something that I wouldn't want Dad to see reported or photographed then I probably shouldn't be doing it! Very wise man!

    Dad wouldn't want to be part of the equation, if H2B had asked Dad's permission to marry me he would probably have said no just to see what would happen! I don't think it's wrong for permission to be sought, it just would not reflect the relationship I have with my Father!

    When we did get engaged my Dad was the first person I rang, and I immediately asked him to walk me down the ailse (although, not to give me away!) because that's the question I thought was the most important one to ask - and he is thrilled I asked and honoured to do so!

    I am also keeping my name when we marry - it was the first gife my Dad gave me and I love it and don't intent to change it just because I am becoming a wife when I am still a daughter!

    Unconventional? Maybe, but totally right for us!
  • Mine asked my dad but he'd already asked me first. It was quite sweet really.

    I overheard him asking him (I was in the other room) and my dad said he'd be glad to be rid of me - charming. I know he was joking though and although it wasn't really asking his permission as I'd still hav emarried my hubby without it I think it was really touching that he did ask him. My dad was soooo happy and proud and cried when we got engaged then blubbed his eyes out at the service and when he saw me in my dress for the first time. I think he's so glad I've bagged myself a good un!!

    There are some nice traditions at weddings and the daughter / dad ones are the nicest I think. I loved spending time with just me and my dad before the service. I think it's a real nice time for them.
  • lozza83lozza83 Posts: 3,777
    Mine did, they went for a game of golf and h2b asked, bless!!
  • Pink_Bride_2011Pink_Bride_2011 Posts: 6,743
    my h2b asked my mum cos he knows me and my dad aren't close. i was happy image x
  • magee1984magee1984 Posts: 596
    My H2B asked my dad weeks before he asked me and I was so pleased that he did! my mum, dad and sis all knew that he was going to propose so when I phoned to tell them they said 'finally'!! None of them let on at all and I was completely surprised!

  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    Mine did, but not the way he'd wanted to!

    H2b booked us a holiday to bali to propose and intended to ask my mum and dad the day before we flew out, as no way could my mum have kept it a secret, but i had a bit of an argument with my dad that day so he thought best to leave it alone image

    He ended up sending a text message from bali saying that he wanted to ask me to marry him and was looking for their blessing (he showed me it later). My dad's response was yeah, good riddance lol Then when i called to tell them they just said yes, we know!!! Parents eh?!
  • emmab250emmab250 Posts: 337
    H2B asked me first but wouldn't let me tell anyone else until he'd asked my dad. I wasn't that bothered but Dad was really pleased image
  • vw_familyvw_family Posts: 992
    Mine did too, but it was via a text message as we were in Malaysia at the time and h2b could think of a more romantic place.

    I had told him previously I wouldn't say yes if he didn't ask! x
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    vw, where is your avatar taken? That looks like the HK skyline in the background (from what i can see)
  • MissMilneMissMilne Posts: 1,101
    Yes, he went around one sat, while I was working. Me Dad said, "yeah,but are you sure" Very sweet Daddy!
  • UniqueStarUniqueStar Posts: 1,180
    yes, and oh what a fuss it caused at the time lol.

    He'd already proposed, but my dad lives in Florida and we visit every year. We were going to wait until then for H2B to ask me properly, but just got tired of waiting, and so he rang dad. Poor soul was a nervous wreck. Dad mentioned something to him about it being a conversation that was better done face to face and told him he should wind me up and say that he wouldn't agree until we went over. This was in October, and we were not due to go visit until February.

    H2B is not the greatest for remembering the details of conversations... has problems processing info, especially in stressful situations.

    We then spent the rest of the evening with me trying to get every detail of the conversation out of poor H2B. I was sure, since I had heard a great deal of friendly laughter that all had gone well, but what if dad seriously expected us not to get engaged until Feb? I know he can be a bit traditional at times, and there was a chance...

    I relented, and called dad in the end... couldn't stand it any longer, not knowing if we had his blessing. Silly really, we'd get married anyhow, but being a daddy's girl, just seemed necessary. He wound me up a bit more before admitting that he'd been winding H2B up about it and didn't think he'd take it seriously. Well, hello? It's only a really important question that he's making a transatlantic phone call full of nerves to ask. He's not really gonna be in the right frame of mind for a wind up. Parents eh. All good now though. :\)
  • katiejones2bkatiejones2b Posts: 996
    aww image loving the stories ladies image

    mine did & I'm super glad he is a huge deal for both of us & i know it meant the world to my parents image he asked while i was getting ready for a night out..took them in the front room 4 a chat 6 weeks b4 he proposed...i had no clue at all so he did his job well image xx
  • bellehelenebellehelene Posts: 313
    it is lovely to hear everyones stories!

    My h2b asked my mum and dad while I was away with work. the day after I got back we went off camping and he proposed. He always said he would ask their permission and I thought it was very cute. Everyone in my family and his say what a romantic he is and his dad said he put him to shame - hehe! Cant believe that will have been a year ago this Thurday!!x
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    Mine didn't, however I don't mind as there were already enough people who knew about our engagement before I h2b proposed on xmas day, went to his family for dinner and they already had a cake and presents for the engagement! It was all a bit much for me to take in in 1 day, and was a little disappointed that the whole world seemed to know before I had the chance to break the news! Think my Mum and Dad were only ones not to know! xx
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    mine asked my Dad after me. Though hubby got very frustrated waiting for him to get ready that morning I was there and my Dads response was as long as you make sure my little girls happy then its fine by me. I would have hated everyone knowing before me. He proposed on chistmas day and we went to my in-laws on boxing day and they all said oh we decided at dinner yesterday he would propose so its not a surprise at all
  • kelleymartinkelleymartin Posts: 115
    Ahh mine actually asked my mum, a year before he bloomin proposed..they planned it together and she helped him choose the ring! What a lucky girl I am...not long to go now...roll on October!!
  • My h2b proposed to me on my birthday in Tenerife, he had been round to my mum and step-dads, and my dad and step-mums to ask them both for their blessing. I was very proud of him for doing that, you don't hear of it too much these days! x
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