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Trapped nerve in my back - agony!!!

I am in so much pain!!!! It happened this morning while I was changing the bedding, jst jarred and havent been able to move since! I had to get my h2b to come home from work to look after our little boy.

It hurts imageimageimageimage

x x x


  • BroodypantsBroodypants Posts: 910
    Oh you poor thing! I can sympathise as I've just done something to my back about an hour ago too! Don't think it's quite as bad, and I don't have a child to look after, just a dog to walk!

    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • starkey77starkey77 Posts: 106

    Just wanted to wallow in mutual agony! I went to the doctors this morning with back pain, mine started over a week ago but it's getting worse. He's just told me to take pain killer and wear a support.

    Poor us boo hoo!!!!!!! xx
  • Im thinking sod the painkillers - this is far too bad for that


    x x x
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