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wedding favours?

Hi all!

Just a quick question.

Do i make wedding favours for just the people that attend the wedding and meal or for everyone? I've 100 burgundy organza bags that i will put bits in closer to the time but i was just wondering who to do these for? I will have them wedding bubbles and other little bits for the meal and reception but thought the ones i made would just be for the vip's? Sorry if i sound evil in any way, i'm just totally baffled on some parts of the wedding planning. Do you have different ones for the tables for when you have the meal and ones you can have for everyone at night?

Sorry if its confused you too. lol

Lisa xxx


  • Entirely up to you, we just did them for day guests though, some people only give them to female guests... I don't think anyone would complain though! image Just don't make too much work for yourself lol xx
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