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Has anyone had any nightmares yet?

Had my first one last night. half the mens suits were wrong, the cake was a total botch, my dress was blue instead of pink, one of the page boys turned up in his pj's, and to top it all I was marrying a woman!!! What is going on here???????????


  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    Oh dear taht doesn't sound good at all: I don't think I've got to that point yet but I'm sure it's coming. I am having trouble getting to sleep each night which is very unlike em and I'm sure its just because there is so much floating around in my head at the moment. I spend my life making little ntoes everywhere when I rememebr something else that needs sorting. I wouldn't sorry it will all go fine on the day.
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    Yes I did the other night and I still have 8 months left! Id forgotten my veil, the dress was a pale blue shift dress type thing that made me look like a hippo in a sack as it was too tight! The groom wasnt Neil and he was wearing one black and one white sock, one pale blue suede Converse trainer and another different shoe, oatmeal tweedy (sofa type material) trousers along with his black tail coat, I was trying to hide from him in a tiny little changing room where I was sure he could see me.....It was horrible!
  • lizuklizuk Posts: 16
    I had a bad dream when we were in the throws of venue hunting. I dreamt that no one showed up!! We were there with only about 5 people, my bridesmaids had both told me that they had other plans that day and we were surrounded by mountains of food. Then the accounts guy from work showed up (he's awful) and gave me my payslip and it was £500 short. It was horrible. None more since then though... Good to know I'm not the only one!
  • so far just lovely dreamy dreams for me!

  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    ..............everyone stand back as Jen floats past please!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I've had a couple where all of a sudden the wedding day was here and I hadn't sorted everything out and I hadn't been to any dress fittings, so it didn't fit!
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I wish I hadn't read this posting just before bed last night - i did think 'How ridiculous why would any one have nightmares!' But then of course I had one!!!! It was horrible - I woke up the day after the wedding and couldn't remember ANYTHING about the day after starting to walk down the aisle and all I could remember about that was that we were going much faster than I wanted to. I couldn't remember making our vows or exchanging rings or ANYTHING I couldn't remember who was there or my dad's or grooms speech or anything It was horrendous. I kept asking my h2b to fill me in on things to see if that woud trigger a memory but he was just getting crosser and crosser that I couldn't remember anything and then we saw his parents - and his mum said it must just be that I had drunk too much (this is exactly the sort of thing she would say) but as I pointed out to her even if this was the case at the reception I certainly hadn't got drunk before the ceremony. To top it all off while this was going on my h2b and I were still in our wedding outfits but walking around in a bog so my gorgeous dress and lace coat were just getting ruined!!!! When I woke up I was really upset - IMAGINE NOT BEING ABLE TO REMEMBER ANY OF THE LOVELY THINGS WE HAVE BEEN PLANNING! No more nightmares PLEASE!!!!!
  • Hi, I've had about one nightmare per week since September and i'm not getting married until August. I think that it is the control freak in me. dreams range from minor ooops with bad flowers, food late, etc to major h2b is going to leave me before we even get to august. GOOD LUCK ladies with your weddings and the eons of happieness that is sure to follow for us all!
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