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Wedding related dreams!

sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
I had a dream the other night that I'd woken up the morning after the wedding and all I could remember of the day was that we hadn't been looking at each other when we said our vows (important to me!) and that for some reason I had to get up and go back to work!

Anyone else this crazy? Or is it just something to do with the sudden realisation that it's only 8 weeks away!!! image


  • lol.. yes I don't think you are alone..

    I woke up yesterday morning after a dream that I was so so late to our wedding. I was still inside with my dressing gown on, hair not done and everyone was waiting outside the house. Even ppl I hadnt invited and after about half an hour they all left! I woke up then.. But I think this was a sign that I feel un organised!! I have 31 days left! eek xx
  • sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
    Oh God it's gonna get worse then! Think mine was partly down to having been to a wedding on Saturday where they didn't make much eye contact and partly I didn't wanna get out of bed to go to work!
  • eye contact is a must really at a wedding surely.. How odd!! x
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    I had a dream that I was getting married in a black dress and that 1 of my bridesmaids didn't turn up and that 1 of them refused to wear her dress, and ironically the 3rd bm (my sis) was the best! It also hailed in my dream as well, and when I woke up, I thought that would never happen for a July wedding, but it hailed today, so it could happen! I woke up in such a tizz!

  • sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
    You'd think so Jenniboo but I think it was either nerves (certainly on the groom's part, bride was very late!) or the whole thing had just overwhelmed them a bit!

    JH they really get to you don't they! This was the first one I've ever had and was so gutted when I first woke up! Took me about 30 seconds to realise it wasn't real! Fingers crossed for good wedding weather for you. I'm September so am just hoping it doesn't bucket it down, I can cope with anything else!
  • Gini_McGini_Mc Posts: 238
    I had a dream the other night tha H2B was doing some SERIOUS dream cheating. I gave him back the ring and we cancelled the wedding.

    When I woke up I gave him a punch in the ribs for being so bad in my dream haha
  • sdk107sdk107 Posts: 567
    Did he wake up and apologise profusely Gini?image
  • pouvrypouvry Posts: 1,000
    Now I'm married, I've started dreaming about other people's weddings....! Surely time to stop?!
  • haha snail.. You have the wedding bug still. Prob doesnt help being on here..

    Gini - I used to have dreams that H2B didnt want me anymore or that he had cheated! I dunno why as I trust him and I know he wouldn't! Always told H2B and he was gutted! xx
  • OMG I've had loads of wedding dreams... not fitting into wedding dress... forgetting to take wedding dress to venue and then forgetting where I have left it... latest one was the other night, it took me, my Mum and Dad hours and hours to get to the venue so we didn't get there until 11.30pm by which time everyone had gone to bed. I woke up feeling really grumpy and upset. One of the guys at work reckons it's a sign that as the wedding gets closer, I'm stressing that I've still got lots to do (durr, of course I am!!)
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    I dreamt that i was still getting dressed and didnt have my hair and make up done at 3pm, im getting married at 4!! Everyone was cancelling on me so i was running through the town half dressed inviting random people to my wedding, My bridesmaids were in the worng colour dresses, i woke up in a right state thinking OMG im gonna be so late to my own wedding!!!

    I still have NINE MONTHS to go lmao, what am i gonna be like the week before the wedding?
  • toniwoty2009toniwoty2009 Posts: 460
    lol. I get married in 33 days....had my first wedding nightmare last night. I dreamt I woke up on the morning of the wedding and I had no eyebrows!! Then I tried to pencil them in using a crayon. Seriously WTF?!!! xx
  • HallyWifeyHallyWifey Posts: 2,181

    So far in my dreams I have:

    - arrived at the hairdressers at 3.55pm in my tracksuit with wet hair - we marry at 4pm

    - turned up to find no one had taken the music for the ceremony

    - been the one waiting in the reg office for my late H2B

    - picked up my wedding dress and chosen this point to change my mind about my BM dresses - colour and style - from black to bright blue without allowing my girls to try them on and knowing full well the style wouldnt suit one of them but buying them anyway.

    Keep em coming! xxx

  • curioussamcurioussam Posts: 137
    Oh my god, I thought i was the only one . I have dreamt that my H2B did the first dance with someone else , also i have dreamt that his ex turned up on the stag night on more than one occassion and also that he was stood waiting and i was watching from the side but wouldnt go in ? rReally wierd
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