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Okay - So h2b has gone...

Tis time for face mask, hair mask, pedicure and manicure... Whilst watching true blood and a bottle of wine!

Haha girly night in on my lonesome after an utterly exhausting week! And Anyone else the same?




  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    sounds like my perfect night image x
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370

    Where you up to on true blood now? I've only got about 3 into series two , been so busy xx
  • Butter_flyukButter_flyuk Posts: 575
    Hehe I may get a radox bath later too!

    I'm just downloading eps 5 and 6 of season 2 from pirate bay *slaps wrist*

    I LOVE it! How you liking it? xx
  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
    wish I could get rid of mine for a bit that sounds amazing!!!
  • Butter_flyukButter_flyuk Posts: 575
    Hehe he's gone out with his brothers for his nephews head wetting, loving the me time but I'll miss him soon enough! Haha I'm just that sad! image xx
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    Oh I'm loving it! Been doing copies for a friend who doesn't get living and she's addicted to now x
  • Butter_flyukButter_flyuk Posts: 575
    Ooooh, we're starting a trend haha. I love that shes called sookie! It's hilarious but good at the same time.

    Hope they keep it going, all the things I've gotten into lately have been cancelled after either the first or second series!

    On another note, I'm loving the red wine!! xx
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    Sure its only wine?image

    JD n coke for me x
  • bridiebirdbridiebird Posts: 1,385
    My H has gone out too. Considering cracking open a cheeky bottle of wine...hope the babies stay asleep!
  • Butter_flyukButter_flyuk Posts: 575
    Wine is enough for me haha I'm a lightweight!

    Crack it open missus, cheeky or not tis weekend woooo! xx
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