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  • definetly and i sure wasnt going to let him go. in a way i think all the stuff we went through-all the stress was worth it because it pushed us closer together and made us really open and honest with each other, we communicate which i think is key! aww i'm feeling all loved up.xx
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    That's exactly how I feel-we're so open with each other, it's alot more honest than any of my other relationships! Bless!
  • we're so lucky!
  • vixiebukvixiebuk Posts: 268
    kara getting pregnant after 3months is a long time compared to me. I hope nobody gets the wrong idea of me as i didnt ever do this kind of thing untill one night i got compleatly (sorry about my awfull spelling!) drunk in a club, i was talking to a group of lads and as we left i started talking to the one who had been really quiet (always watch the quiet ones!!) we stared talking about football and realised we both supported liverpool. one thing led to another and well im sure i dont need to go into details there. the morning after i dropped him off at the train station and to be honest i really wasnt botherd about seeing him again as i was feeling really horrible that morning and i felt ashamed at what i had done. It sounds stupid but i didnt even think there could be a chance i was pregnant even though i knew there was. a month later i was at work when i felt really, really sick. When i got home i did a test and sure enough it was possitive-i was pregnant. i didnt even have his phone number. then by chance one of my best friends was out one night and saw him, he went up to her and asked how i was, she told him i was pregnant and he asked for my number straight away. my friend said no but she would take his, so then i had his number so i had to let him know. He took the news well cosidering and we met up to chat. he was very supportive and said he wanted to be involved 100%, from then on we were friends and met up once a week to go for a meal or the cinema-we decided that it would be good for the babies sake if we had a good friendly relationship. but after a few months i statred to have feelings for him and i eventully told him how i felt. He said he had felt the same way for a while but didnt want to say anyhting to me incase i didnt feel the same and then there would have been an atmosphere between us. from that day we have been a couple, our feiends and family say we look like we have been together for years and years as we are so at ease with eachother. im sure people have their doubts about the foundation of our relationship but we have been together over 3years now and we have brought our child into the world and coped with that and many other things along the way. i know it's not the most romantic story but we love eachother very much and i think thats all that counts!
  • kategriffithkategriffith Posts: 513
    We met on the internet, after two e:mails we decided to meet the next day, eventful first night - I fell down the stairs in the first bar we were in and then Karate-chopped a wine glass in two with some animated hand gesture, being accident prone I then lost my footing outside the restaurant and he caught me - first kiss was back in the first bar.........we have been inseperable ever since ..he's my best mate and can't wait to marry him next year!!! image
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    vixieb, That is romantic! Its really nice story, and I think you two were meant to be!;\)
  • natgriffithsnatgriffiths Posts: 367
    We met at work too. We hardly spoke for the first few months, but after a move around ended up sitting together and working closer together. The flirting and banter increased. We got to know each other. He liked me - I liked him. Then on a work night out I plucked up the courage to go for it, and we've been together ever since (2 years September).

    We tried to hide it from people at work - but they knew, and had been waiting for something to happen between us!

    We were both with other people at the time but neither of us were happy. It was just meant to be. We both feel we have found our soulmate. We like the same stuff, laugh at the same things and even say what the other is thinking. Sometimes it gets spooky! We are soulmates, bestmates and crazy in love (and getting married in 131 days)!

  • trulyuktrulyuk Posts: 106
    we met at work too.. we were both living with people at the time (bad i know) but neither relationship was working out.. tho h2b had been with ex for 4 years - said he'd never get married.. ( i feel kind bad about that because he's marrying me on 8 days!)

    he was/is high up in the company i was a mere sales person - on my second week in the company i had a client meeting and asked him to come with me to took hours and afterwards i said i owed him lunch. about a week later he emailed me saying he hadn't forgotten about my buying him lunch. i didn't because i thought he was practically married. and i was with someone. but then we went to someone at work's leaving do and spent the whole night together, just talking and i knew he was the one. he split up with his girlfriend the next day and sent her packing! and i moved out of my boyfs that night and back to my mums..

    i thought he had realised that his girlfriend wasn't the one because of me but i didn't realise how he felt about me. but 4 months later i moved in with him and 10 months later he proposed and 7 months after that is our wedding day.. (pretty quick i know)

    (the other women at work were sooo horrible to me because they all wanted him!)

    it's crazy because he, his mum, everyone has said he was sooo anti-marriage AND children and he wants to try for a baby as soon as we're married.. god knows how i've changed him but he said he could have proposed after a couple of weeks.

    i feel so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams!! xx
  • steph84uksteph84uk Posts: 230
    I met my H2b in this horrible club, he spilt beer in my boots and I flew off the handle just a bit and the rest is history...we're getting married in everyone else i NEVER wanted to meet future hubby in a club! xx
  • vixiebukvixiebuk Posts: 268
    hi guys, thanx 4ur msg's they are really sweet. Kara like u i think people thought that we might not last but we went through so much (i was in labour for 3days, ended up having a emergencey c-section then i was in hospital for 2 weeks because of a kidney infection!!) after all that i think people saw how well we worked 2gether and knew it was for real. we were going to get married on 16.12.06 but we have decied to wait untill next year as that way we will have the money saved up rather than getting a loan, we are now getting married on the 22.12.07, my mum and friends are really annoyed as this means another year of me talking about colour themes and all other things 'wedding'!
  • ktaylorukktayloruk Posts: 141
    I met H2b at college when we were sweet 16. We were on the same course and hung around with the same group of people. He told me that when he first saw me he knew straight away that he fancied me but I just thought that he was a show off. I was seeing someone when we started college so didn't have any feelings for him apart from that I thought he was attractive. I then became single and realised I really really liked him, but by that time he was seeing somebody. Even though he was seeing someone we flirted outrageously which was naughty really. He then split up with his girlfriend and a few days later asked me out. It was christmas eve and I was so thrilled.

    Seven and a half years later we are planning our wedding for next June and have bought a house that will hopefully be built by Christmas.
  • I thought lots of people would have met their H2B the way i did but haven't read any posts on it so maybe its not as common as I thought. I met my H2B when i was 17 and on a girlie holiday in Magaluf (I know!). He was there with his mates and staying in the same hotel as us but i didn't notice him until halfway through second week (though he said he noticed me on the plane!). We went out as a big group to celebrate my best friends 18th the next night and the rest is history. Amazingly we only live an hour apart and the day we arrived home he phoned me as soon as he got home from the airport. I think i knew then it was meant to be! That was 5 years ago and we are getting married next year. Who said holiday romances don't last?!x
  • me and my h2b first met when i was 13 & he was 18, ( love at first sight when your 13 ),he was working as a dj at a roller skating rink. 2 yrs later after i'd just turned 15 i found the courage to tell him how i felt. we kissed that night and after 11yrs and 4 children later we are finally getting married. i can't wait.
  • MoominmummyMoominmummy Posts: 1,621

    I have just read 3 pages of this and it is really lovely - so many different meetings!

    My h2b and I met on Christmas Day 2000. Our dads had met on a ski holiday and his family invited ours over for drinks on Christmas evening. I had recently moved to London and didn't know anyone so my mum kept saying i should call him as he also lived in London - I pointed out that I hadn't even met his parents so wasn't going to look like a compete moron!!! anyway as soon as I saw him on Christmas day i knew, evn though i had a boyfriend of 1.5 years! We chatted lots and he invited me uot for his birthday at the beginning of January back in London. as soon as I got home I ended it with my boyfriend and as everone has said the rest is history. That was 5.5 years ago and we are getting married next May image it is without a doubt the best relationship, we get on perfectly, are still completely in love after more than 5 years and are best friends. ooh mushy!!
  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    I met my handsome h2b whilst at work where he was my boos. We was both very naughty at work and to be honest I didnt do much, with his permission. That was nearly 4 years ago, we have now both left that place of work, but are working together in a different company
  • kellyc7122kellyc7122 Posts: 193
    i met my h2b july 2004, went out 2 week later he moved in its been great getting married in march 07. we met at work they moved head office and w/house he came down to help set up i just got a job there. he is from south yorkshire i was in leicestershire. we sold my house and bought one together in south yorkshire to be nearer his kids and stuff its hard leaving my family friends. but i know its worth it. it will all work out and we will live happy ever after.
  • i met h2b 17 years ago in butlins minehead we were both working there i can still remember what he was wearing were getting married next year in minehead (we live in liverpool)and having a big party when we come home.image
  • WOW i love reading these stories a great topic idea!!

    they are all lovely girls!!

    well i have a much younger brother, and he had a yo-yo, then some kid in the year above him stole the yo-yo!! i was erm... 17 at the time!

    so being the gobby one that i am i decided to go to this kids house and tell his mother that he had stole a yo yo, LMAO!! so anyway i went and this guy answered the door, the yo yo stealing kids much older brother. i spent about twenty minutes shouting at him 'my brother was crying its not fair blah blah your brother needs to give him it back blah blah' (my god how gutsy did i used to be!?!?) anyway this guy was just looking at me in disbelief and said 'so if i get u ur precious yo yo back will you come for a drink with me?'

    i just continued shouting and then said 'why would you want to go for a drink with me ive just shouted at you for half an hour!!' and then he said 'i like loud mouths' coming to the conclusion he was crazy i left (with the yo-yo, get in!!) but i couldnt stop thinking he was kinda cute! hehe.

    the next day my brother came home with a envolope and said 'this is off j's brother for you. you have to open it' and it was just his phone number. long story short i rang him.... and then...6 years later we have a son and were getting married next year!! good job j stole the yo yo after all!!!

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  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    I met my h2b in may 1995,we `hung` around with the same TESCO!!!! we became an item on the 17th june,and have`nt looked back since! We just clicked and although i was only young at the time(15) it felt right! h2b was(21) it makes me laugh now as my mum has recently told us...that she really thought i was safe with him(h2b a hairdresser) as she thought he was gay!(no direspect to gay ppl) She didnt think 11 years later we`d have our house 2 children and own a business! Yes a Hair salon!!!
  • kay306ukkay306uk Posts: 96
    I met my h2b on a blind date, he was my best friends boss at the time.

    I'd just come out of a really disastrous relationship so wasn't really looking for anything serious. As it turns out it was the best thing she's ever done for me.

    We've been inseperable ever since & in 89 days time, we'll get married 6 years to the day we met.
  • njadivanjadiva Posts: 148
    I met my h2b after i had a nasty heart break from his friend he was god sent as he helped me to heal from the pain. at 1st i was against the idea of going out with my ex boyf friend but after a year of speaking on the phone constantly we decided to meet and everthing happened from there.
  • zoe6662003zoe6662003 Posts: 638
    i went to work in a supermarket on the checkouts and he was my manager it was love at first sight even though i was 16 but i dont think age matters we have 2 children and would like another once married a nice house and car so were really happy x

  • We met at work. Both were working at the local leisure centre h2b as senior lifeguard me in the cafe and on reception.

    When i started that summer he was running the kids club it was swelteringly hot in the cafe and so busy that the 3 of us in there were permanently stressed and so to prevent ourselves snapping at the customers the rest of the staff bore the brunt of it.

    As such most of our early conversations went like this

    Him "Kids lunches ready?"

    Me "No they're F**king not p*** off"

    Him "Oh btw 2 of the staff now want lunch oh and can i have a bacon double cheeseburger with cheesy chips"


    You get the gist.

    I then cleared off to Australia for a month to stay with my sister and my then boyfriend went off to Uni.

    When i got back i was greeted with the news that said boyfriend had dropped out of Uni and was back home too. Wasn't best pleased with this news as he was a bit clingy and was looking forward to a bit of breathing space.

    I then spent the next month avoiding him (Mean i know and difficult as we worked together) and flirting with my now h2b (Even more mean i know but he never knew) as summer had ended things weren't so fraught so i was being a lot more friendly.

    Finally I ended things with my current bf and 2 weeks later on a works night out me and my h2b ended up together (Drunken nightclub snogging oh the embaressment) It wasn't intentional and needless to say my ex wasn't too happy.

    My ex and I never did manage to remain friends but he turned into a bit of an arse so not really that bothered. We saw him at the end of last year should have seen the nasty shade of pasty green his face went when he spotted my ring. Shouldn't be so pleased about it really but he really did turn into a huge arse which i won't go into.

  • We met at a fancy dress party for Halloween at my local pub (I was dressed in a PVC nurses outfit and he was dracula). I'd just come out of a relationship so it took us a few months to get together. The first time he asked me out I laughed! I thought he was joking and had never thought of him in that way. But after that I realised he was genuinely interested so I started to see him in THAT way...and it all happened from there. Apparently he fell for me when we both went to see our friend just after she'd had her baby, which is quite sweet I guess image
  • Hi

    I met my H2B through my twin sister when we were both at the same UNI. He was her flat mate in halls and they were on the same course.

    It was def love at first sight...I can remember the first day I saw him when my sis was moving in to her 'flat'. I knew straight away that he was 'special' and can remeber crying my eyes out in a club toilet with my sis in Freshers week cos I really liked him but didn't think I had a chance.

    A couple of weeks later we officially became an item and have been inseperable ever since.

    Eight years later we are getting 'hitched'.

    Can't wait to become his wife image
  • sswiftyuksswiftyuk Posts: 299
    We first met when I was 16 in a nightclub, out with my firends celebrating finishing exams. My H2B and myself did not actually see each other that night as were chatting each others best mates up!!!! Yes we both went out with each others best mates to start with. I think it worked out better this way as we got to know each other as friends first.

    This went on for a year or so, then H2B asked me out on a date, but I didn't want to go as I thought it would ruin our friendship. H2B did not stop asking me so I finally said that I would go out with him and we finally got together a day before my birthday 5 years ago. In the first year of being together I went out to America for 6 months, this was a big tester on our realtionship since it was still really in the early stages. However we managed to stay faithful to each other and he came over to America after 6 months to bring me home!!!!!!! We have been living together for a year now and are planning our wedding for April 2008. Young Love!!!!!
  • zippee16zippee16 Posts: 34

    I've been with my h2b for five and half months, although we met years nine years ago and spent the night talking on a bench. He gave me his number back then but i never called.We bumped into each other again when he was going going out with an aqaintence of mine. We started talking and we just clicked. He told me he'd always thought about me over the years and when we talked he could remember loads about me. I couldn't even remember meeting him!!! He finished with his then girlfriend that night (it was on the rocks) and we spent the whole night and most of the next morning talking in a cafe and we've never been apart since. We moved in practically straight away and we got engaged eight weeks later. We get married next May. I cant wait, he's what i've waited all my life for and although i never really believed in love at first sight i'm a firm believer in love at second sight!!!! Just wish i'd called him nine years ago.

    Kelly xxxxxx

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    My h2b has his own business (furniture shop) and one day he delivered a table and chairs to my aunty. While he was setting it up for her, he was chatting away and noticed a picture of me on her mantle piece. He asked who I was and she told him I was her neice. He then asked if I was single and my aunty said I was so he asked her for my number and she gave it to him.

    He text me a week later and asked me out. For me it was a blind date as I'd never clapped eyes on him, but for him at least he'd seen a pic.

    We've been together ever since, now own a house together and are engaged and it will be our three year anniversary in October this year.

    We're getting married in 2008

    Bec xxx
  • I met my H2B when we went to a nightclub in Leeds. I had gone out with my best friend as she was meeting a guy she had met and didn't wanna meet him on her own. Anyway, he brought a friend. his friend was leaning against the wall looking extremely sexy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and his eyes closed and I walked past him.

    We spent the whole night together dancing to the Yeah yeah yeahs and the Pixies and then we swapped numbers.

    When we talk about the night we meet, my H2B describes it as that when I walked past, he said it felt like a breeze and when he opened his eyes, I was there!!

    All very romantic!! I'm sure he was just drunk and the door of the club flung open!!! But we have been inseperable ever since and have our own house and he is the one I see myself sitting next to in an arm chair when we our 80 years old!
  • MrsCukMrsCuk Posts: 14
    Fantastic taste in music Layla! Beats the nightclub me and my fiance met in, cheesy pop blasting in our ears all night! It didn't stop it being a fabulous night though and obviously the highlight was meeting my lovely h2b! Hoorah!!
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