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If u think I'm not coming back after the big day u r wrong!

Hi everyone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say I am allowed back on this bit 'For the Bride' after my big day???!!! I am totally addicted to this site and I suppose I could still give some hindsight advice - I just can't imagine not posting any more! So PRETTY PLEASE SAY IT IS OK!! 14 days and i'm ticking them all off!


  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Are you alloud back after your wedding?? Absolutely!!!!! you can give us all top tips etc...... and we'll all want to hear about the big day from start to finish!!! I went to a friend's wedding last weekend and cant wait for her to get back from honeymoon so i can pick her brains about loads of stuff.......
  • cjacksonukcjacksonuk Posts: 227
    hi Craftycharl I reckon that you will have allumi status - been through it all, lived to tell the tale and ready and able to calm us down, offer us advice and generally be a 'smugmarried' to quote Bridget Jones - You have my vote to keep coming back!!!!
  • absolutely we will need to you to keep us calm and give us all the best tips!!!
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    Absolutely, we want to hear all about your big day. I saw from the themes thread that your wedding is at Seaham Hall, and I've love to hear about it. It's such a beautiful place. H2b booked dinner for us there on the night we got engaged and it was just amazing, would love to hear what the full experience is like, it's already top of my list for an anniversary get away and we don't get married til November!

    All the very best of luck!

    Helen x
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Are you the first to get wed since the chat room opened then? I have posted a suggestion on the suggestions bit for a specific site for telling us all about it after the event and posting a picture so we can all see how lovely you looked and some of the wedding loonies, we have been communicating with! Please come back..............
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Don't know about first to get married since the chat room opened?? Just found that Seaham Hall (where I am getting married and having the whole day) is listed on this site under honeymoons and it's on the list of top first night hotels which is great as suprise,suprise that's where we are spending our first night and having a load of couples pamper things in the spa the following day! YEah can't wait!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I can't wait to hear all about it. I have never had someone I know enough to discuss their wedding with so I want details! Good luck!!
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